Created for His Affection…

We are not objects of wrath. We are People of His making, created for His Affection…containing His very Life and Glory within us…to enjoy Him forever..and then also, that others may see and be hungry for Him and taste and see…that He is Good!  We are contagious – because He is in us!

There are many voices in this world, that speak condemnation…our ears may not recognise it at times…may not even notice the subtleties. Others, are so very brazen about it…and speak atrocities of grotesque proportions. I for one, will speak softly and loudly of the Goodness of God in this day. If only to keep myself and my own eyes fixed on Him…perhaps at the same time another may be encouraged also. STAYING FOCUSED, on task, on Him!

HOLD FAST! Hold fast to HIM : His LOVE is FOR YOU today. Nothing, absolutely nothing can seperate you from the Love of God in Christ Jesus.

Guard jealously the relationship you have with Jesus, the preciousness, the solidarity, the communion and the campanionship…He is with you and for you and no-one even comes close to this level of committment He has towards you, not even your spouse! This most precious of all relationships….double double triple, infinitum…true!

No matter your circumstances…how you may see or perceive them, correctly or slightly off skew – what truly matters…what the central issue here is….HE IS WITH YOU and His desire is for you to be with Him. Being together is the solution – the answer that humanity so hungers and cries out for and yet such desperation..appears to bring forth so little…? NO…so much – such depth, the closest and most intimate relationship ever – available to comfort the deepest pain, soften the hardest heart, loose the heaviest chains of tormented minds, bind up the brokenest heart, give life to the deadest soul, the fractured, broken, hurting, stripped naked, laid bare, downtrodden, diseased, oppressed, the least of the least…He is with you. For what? To comfort…to hold…to be near… to bring healing, freedom, refreshing, restoration, transformation, to show the way, to breathe Life into you. TO BE WITH YOU! He is Christ Immanuel –God WITH us!

So what of those, that are none of these? The rich and famous, the self-sufficient, the capable, the esteemed, the successful, those doing swimmingly in no great need of such comfort or presence of One that would bring even more..? He is WITH you also – because there is so much more, to what you may think is enough. You know it – this life, the greatest success, the biggest pay check – still leaves an emptiness, a hole, a void that only He can fill. HE is WITH YOU!

There is always MORE He has to GIVE

in order that we may truly LIVE!

URLOVD immensely intimately!  You are created for His Affections!

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