The Ship on the Wave of Glory!

Our worship is the sail into which the winds of the Spirit blow,

And He directs the ‘ship’ wherever He wills,

We are blown out into the deepest ocean of His greatest Love,

Seemingly cast out…and yet securely anchored

Our eyes so fixed, the tempest storm is but a puff of breeze,

the worship sail set so firmly, that no amount of buffeting

will dislodge or displace, capsize or upturn the ships direction and destination,

His wave of Glory now, gigantic, gargantuan – enough to tip the largest ocean vessel,

Yet the worship of the saints is not even distracted at His size,

But fixed on His face, His Wonderful Presence,

Now still more…as the sea billows roll, saints not overtaken with any other thing,

Not sadness, no trouble, nor hardship

One thing alone is of import – Him Alone!

This journey…this Wave of Glory

Carries all those willing to cast out into the Deep

To a place not yet explored – safety, security of unlimited unmeasurable proportions

In worship…all things abide – movement, stillness, turmoil, peace…

A place of complete surrender, a place of battle too…

For on this Ocean wave, the ship travels…

expressly serving the Captain,

many being swept aboard by the Wave

many swept away by choice, the sea devouring, hungry for destruction

The Wave delighting in Delivering to the bosom of the ship…the Wor-ship!

Set your sail saints…

the Wind of the Spirit blows

and His Wave of Glory shows

for all who have eyes to see,

His compassion and kindness be in and upon all mankind…

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