Irritation or Invitation Part 3

There are products on the market these days with this comment on the packaging:
Sometimes I wish there was a product I could spray on myself, that would cause me less irritation…because, honestly, I am irritated and irritate others, no doubt, often…
Life can be like that – IRRITATING, annoying, frustrating, a pain.
However, in looking at this irritation of mine…the things that so often cause a slight itch and I just don’t seem to be able to scratch it/reach it…I have concluded that I must turn this irritation into something else…something that could be of assistance to me.
No one likes a nagging irritation…it wears a person down and then become an irritation to someone else.
I have decided to use these irritations as an opportunity for extending an invitation to the One that can scratch those itches…you know, the One who’s arm is not too short…
Yep, that’s right – God is able to help me in all my afflictions and yes – irritations can be quite an affliction!
“God help me to see every irritation as an opportunity for an invitation to you – to be completely involved. I do not want to lean on my own understanding…but to acknowledge you in all my You are totally invited, included and involved. Amen”

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