Irritation or Invitation Part 4

SO, having shared previously various scenario’s about irritation and invitation…the finale is – LIFE is full of them!
Both irritations and invitations…and we can accept all, both, one or the other by choice, at any time.

Personally I am taking up the challenge to be more mindful of the irritations – in order that I can turn them into an invitation to God, for His Presence to show me how much He loves me in it…and what I can learn. In this way, the irritation will not have power of me, I do not have to react to it, but simply ask Papa what is in it for my good…
Therefore, the irritation becomes an invitation!

There are so many invitations in our lives every single day…invitations to attend meetings, lunches, appointments, dead-lines, to be here – there… I working on honing in, wherever I am, to listen out for and respond to His Invitation to be still and know Him – in the midst of all the other invitations.

My acceptance of His invitation has been sent and recieved…here finishes the irritation and begins a constant Invitation into His Presence..


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