Naked and Unashamed….Part 1

In the beginning Adam and Eve were naked and unashamed…
They walked with God, without coverings over their bodies
And talked daily with God, in the cool of the evening…
There was nothing whatsoever to hide…
UNTIL….and then…
We know what happened when Adam and Eve ate the fruit
From the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil,
They now understood what being naked was…
And now knew that they could feel shame, guilt and do right and wrong,
According to and relative to God’s kindness shown them so far…

To know God and be fully known by Him,
Our restoration to completeness in relationship
Is and has always been God’s plan…His very heart
His ever-present Spirit offers us complete covering,
A cloak of Righteousness,
From the constant battle – the struggle with the knowledge of good and evil,
The knowledge of our nakedness…is not now a source of shame or guilt,
For being found in His Presence, we do not wrestle with this knowledge,
We Rest completely in Relationship

We become innocent as doves and shrewd as a snake,
Because of Holy Spirit residing
and our abiding in Him constantly,
What Joy Divine…Completeness in Him…
Naked and Unashamed!

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