The Five Fold Ministry Gifts…

The five-fold ministry gifts are quite straight forward and easily definable – they are truly meant to be. They have function, form and purpose. 


It seems like the Bible doesn’t have a lot to say about these gifts…accept where we read of them in Ephesians 4.  Perhaps in the early Church, it was so obvious, that not a lot of explanation was necessary.

Perhaps in the church structure of our time, it has become so hard to define, delineate and clarify these ministry gifts, that we have just let them fade off into insignificance or perhaps ministry leaders have become so ‘’precious’’ about their own ministry that there has become a closed door to others being encouraged, acknowledged, trained and mentored into exercising these specific five-fold ministry gifts…?!  After-all, I read that these gifts are specifically for the building up and equipping of the saints for works of service…so without the five-fold ministry gifts in operation, the saints are open to being tossed about to and fro… Eph 4:11-14  However…let’s not place the blame on the leaders alone, all believers within the Body need to acknowledge these scriptures and live them, as real as any other scriptures. It takes a whole community…a whole Body to move forward in the principles and practices of the complete Word of God. If you are unsure of how this happens and are being stirred up to investigate…ask questions of God and those in leadership, graciously ask,  seek, knock and the door will be opened to a realm of operating as a Body of Christ that will truly blow our world apart…and put it back together as God designed!

Would it be possible, do you think, to have another go?  It’s not too late to shatter some institutional practices, some dinosaur diadems…to really ramp up things in the local Church, through the acknowledgement and activation of these ministry gifts within the people of the Body of Christ. 

What if there is more than one person in the local body with the same ministry gift…does that mean that one has to

sit-out on the sidelines or has to move to another church in order to exercise that gift?   I do not believe so!

In case you’re wondering, as I have, does everyone have a five-fold ministry gift?

Again, I believe not…however everyone does have gifts differing that need to be acknowledged, nurtured and  strengthened. Where each one is operating in any and all gifts, being confident in the Giver – there is no fear. All operates from Love, in Love, for Love and the extension of the Kingdom. There is no hierarchy, no greater or lesser gift – there is One Body with Christ Jesus as the Head. Let’s get on with Body ministry church!

As the five-fold ministry gifts are encouraged, called out and allowed to function in their fullness what a different landscape we will see develop within our Church life and communities!  This is an atmosphere for life transforming, community and society influencing, world changing!  

The five-fold ministry gifts are meant for the Church today, to bring Her to maturity and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

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