Being naked and unashamed in God’s Presence means we have nothing to hide or feel guilty about!
This was God’s design from the beginning of time…

Our Creator and His Creation together forever!
No separation, no division.
Harmony, Peace and Joy…
His Presence with us constantly.

If you have felt stripped bare this past year…if you feel like things have been peeled and pared back and that you struggled at times to keep ‘’yourself covered’’….don’t worry – be happy! (as the saying goes…)

God is showing you, that you are quite alright without any of those clothes and the only garment you need is the ‘’garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness”….as you come into His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise.

How do I know this? Because that is how I have felt also….at times – my nakedness seemed unbearable and yet in that same moment – like the blink of an eye, He covered me with His wings…His Loving arms wrapped around me, to allow me to Rest into Him.

Over time, I began to get less restless with my naked state and more at ease, more comfortable and the best of all – I felt Safe in His Loving embrace.

Now, I am more than OK with the naked feeling….the feeling of being completely exposed….being completely known…
it is not really a sense of nakedness like I once felt…it’s more like…. He’s got me covered, He is my covering…my Cloak of Righteousness…YES….I stand now, without any sense of shame… NOW there is absolute Acceptance and Love and that stamp over me that says in big bold letters for any who would see: APPROVED BY GOD!

I see that same stamp of Approval, Acceptance and Love right over you too! Look up and you will see…

URLOVD intensely intimately!

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