Be Thankful!

The two things I find myself saying to the kids  (…and myself) in recent times are:      “Stop wingeing” and “Be Thankful” We cannot do the latter while doing the former.


They both take a choice…we choose what we focus on…what we don’t have or want, or do have and don’t want.

Also we choose what we are thankful for….

Being thankful is not always about what we have…it could actually be for what we don’t have…YET!

I don’t have great health today…however I am thankful for the health I do have and for the health I am gaining daily, even minutely…through better choices, healthy decisions and medical assistance…also, the hope I have in God’s Presence with me – guiding, directing and healing me.

I am thankful for my children today and all that they will be as they grow and mature.

I am thankful for my marriage – for where we have come from, where we are today and where we see ourselves growing and going in the days ahead.

Thankfulness is such a wonderful attitude of the heart and has a way

of taking us to a higher altitude!


What I mean is, with a willingness to look around and see every good thing in and around us, our thoughts and attitudes are lifted up…raised up out of a dark place.

I cannot fully explain or comprehend it…but I do know the process. I admit I have been in depression and a place of darkness that seemed to overwhelm me and almost close off my ability to see any good thing around me.  It took a lot of effort, energy and exercising of my thought processes and attitudes of my heart to get this “Thankful” muscle up and going again…

Like any exercising it takes daily movement, practice and determination to do it…yes, to DO thankfulness is sometimes the antidote before the ‘’being thankful’’ really kicks in.     I practiced saying ‘’thanks’’ and ‘’thankyou’’ to everyone and in every situation…and doing that started to change me. I then actually became thankful!  I began to see things differently, feel differently, act differently and speak differently.  True transformation was in this experience….this experiment if you will…..YES I do confess, it started out as an experiment…to see what would happen.

I have also discovered in this experiment of doing and being Thankful, that it builds a life of hopeful expectation and anticipation. I am thankful for God Loving me from my very beginnings, through my life to this present and I am thankful in anticipation of God’s goodness in my life for every moment from now…. His ever present involvement and help in every circumstance of my life.  That is truly something to be thankful for!

I do have moments…days….where I hear myself whingeing, however there is an attitude speaking from my heart, coming from a higher altitude saying: Be Thankful!….So I choose to listen to that One and start over with Thanks!

The greatest thing this experiment revealed to me is this: I could not enter into God’s Presence without thanksgiving, Psalm 100 says it the best:

“Enter his gates with thanksgiving
and his courts with praise;
give thanks to him and praise his name.
For the Lord is good and his love endures forever;
his faithfulness continues through all generations.” Ps 100: 4,5

And God dwells in the Praises of His people…Psalm 22:3.

Experiment if you dare…with these thoughts and concepts…practice if you will, doing and being thankful and praising God even and especially when you do not really ‘’feel’’ like it…and see what happens!  You will most definitely and Divinely be surprised by His Presence with you!

Knowing I am truly Loved has created a tsunami of Thankfulness….for which I am greatly pleased and evermore thankful!

Be thankful because URLOVD greatly & completely!

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