Naked and Unashamed – Part 3

I once bought a large bus which was already converted to a mobile home. The inside was decked out beautifully and completed to a very high standard. All the mod-cons we could ever need…including kitchen bench tops finished in Tasmanian oak. It was true craftsmanship! The exterior, however, belied the quality of the interior….and so, we planned to make that change. I bought some paint stripper, scrapers, drop sheets, breathing masks, overalls, gloves, sunglasses and got to work!

Stripping that bus back to bare metal was a big job and it was truly naked when we finished. Lots of shiny metal, rivets, seams, bolts, scratches…everything under that ugly cover of paint was open for all to see…it wasn’t a pretty sight!
It showed us we had a whole lot more work to do than we first thought….there was rust! That meant even deeper cosmetic assistance required…some cut-out work and replacing of panels, purchasing of products like ‘’bog’’ (vehicle body filler). The stripping back and preparation of that bus body was far beyond what I had ever dreamt or imagined…but once we got started, no matter what we discovered, we had to keep going until the whole job was done. To finish off, we used an expensive two-pack paint system in gun metal grey – it looked tops and was really worth the effort!

Working on that bus took weeks….which went into months of labour and in the end, looked on the outside – pretty good!
I don’t go as far to say it was as good as the craftsmanship on the inside – only because we were not experienced painters…unlike the experienced cabinet maker. However…that job sticks in my mind some 25 years after the efforts…as a reminder of this….

Stripping back means:
Lots of hard work
Is not comfortable
It’s not pretty
You discover stuff you didn’t know was there
More work is uncovered during the stripping back process
There may be deep cut-outs needed
Bogging up is necessary
Priming, undercoating and painting takes a lot of time.
The whole process is very expensive!

We were completely satisfied with the end result – the inside and outside were quality and functional.
On a couple of trips, we did manage to do damage to our precious paint job…but, I am glad to say, all was still well on the inside. The bus is long gone now…but the memories are not.

Since then I have had some interior work done by the Master Craftsman on my life. He has done such an amazing job and I have at times barely recognised my internal world and what He has used to transform me. His patience and persistence, His ‘’never say die’’ attitude to changing, stripping back and making me new – in order to match His Holy standards and Perfect design. I have felt at times, the process has gone on too long and the cut outs have been too extreme and deep…but I treasure the remembrance of the ‘’stripping back of the bus’’… and now I am glad…really glad!
I am also glad, that the Master Craftsman continues to do His work…in fact, I invite Him in, because I Love His work!
I see Him at work in you too – Looking Good! URLOVD from the inside out!

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