Simple Faith…Believe in Him

Your simple faith is the answer to any questions: Believe in Him.

Simple faith and simply Believing is the Greatest Force in the Universe.

Simple faith is the vehicle of the Wave of God’s Glory ushered into hearts, homes, towns, cities and nations.

We live in a society that is looking for an easy life, a way of doing things that circumvents hard work and tough options.
In no way am I suggesting that walking by faith does not contain therein great challenges, hard work and tough decisions…however, the entrance into faith, into believing is the easiest thing and the greatest choice a person can make.
The Answer is simple and simply too easy for some!

Beyond that simple decision of believing….then?

If at first you entered into faith by a simple decision, that then is how one continues…not caught up by the complexities of this life, the troubles and distractions of this present world. The answer continues to be: Simply believe!
Why complicate what was never intended to be so? Why make it something it was never was?

The current situations and circumstances we find ourselves in are not so complicated that the simplicity of the Gospel, the Presence of our Saviour, His comfort, Peace and Rest cannot apprehend us, captivating our hearts and minds with His Glorious and Holy Kindness.

This may then be the predicament we find ourselves in…those of us that have started out with a simple faith and belief, but then, become distracted by the things of this world…the smoke and mirrors that blind us to the true Reality of life and living….the Power that resides within each one that believes…

Your simple faith ushers in transformation to your own life and world…it also allows transformation to spill over onto the pavement next to you…the person walking by you, the one at the counter or grocery store, at the medical clinic, in kindergarten, swimming pool, post office, public toilet cue, anywhere and everywhere you are: there He is!
There the Presence, Power and Peace of God…beyond measuring…

Let your simple faith spill over everyone you encounter today…because He has spilt His Presence all over you!

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