Spirit, Mind, Body – which one governs?

We understand that our humanness can be defined in terms of body, mind and spirit….we are triune beings.  Which one governs this life we live?



For too long we have been governed by the mind and the body…things we can think or do have taken precedence over things of the Spirit. NOW is the time to allow the Spirit to have pre-imminence…His rightful place in our lives!

Then, as the Spirit has governance, the mind and the body come into complete agreement with the Spirit.

We are then able, equipped and empowered for the task on this earth…Spirit, mind and body!

Our spirit connected to Holy Spirit…we live and move and have our being in God!

Jesus came in bodily form and encountered all that we do, as human – in body and mind and in spirit and He left this earth in order that we would encounter all that He is – as Spirit, in Heaven.  So, we are Spirit, mind and body in union….common union with Christ!

In this present day – all kinds of physical illness (body), every kind of mental torment (mind) and many varieties of spiritual encounters are occurring with a multitude of attempts to gain heightened ‘’awareness’’ or  to attain to “something”… a higher level of existence, a greater power or source, an ethereal experience or simply an escape from planetary life. Whatever the seeking is for…without a doubt, we all have an empty space inside hungering for filling…

We fill our minds with knowledge and understanding…

We fill our bodies with food of many kinds…

We fill our spirits with…..? 

Many of us have had a sense that there is ‘’something more’’ to this life…. finding ‘’something’’ in the sense that they’re spirit connects with another spirit. The question is, what spirit is governing the whole person?

The consideration then, that Jesus coming to earth to be embodied, as we are, to live and die and conquer death, means that we get to experience everything and all that He is also – by His Spirit. 

He is one of the Trinity – Father, Son, Holy Spirit…indivisible, inseparable…when you encounter Jesus, the Bible says, you see the Father also…when you are moving in the Spirit – you are at One with Jesus….there is no separation just as our Spirit, mind and body is whole, so we are complete in Him!

Not by thought or deed, nor by the flesh…only by the Spirit of God may we encounter and be empowered to change….and make a difference in the world!

“Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit says the Lord.”  Zech 4:6

URLOVD completely…

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