Bubble n’ speak and Divinely Created!

Odd bits n pieces....

We enjoy “bubble n squeak”..all the left-over’s and bits and pieces from the fridge that are still good to eat!
Plonking them all together in a saucepan, heating up…adding a can of spaghetti or a squirt of BBQ sauce or some other delightful flavour that everyone likes.. This may not be your idea of a good hearty meal, but hey it works for us – on the odd occasion!

Speaking of odd…there are a few of the oddest things out there – in Creation, that just seem out of the ordinary and kind of odd! One such creature, which also happens to be my favourite is the Platypus.

My husband and I have a very special place in our hearts for this animal and my hubby likens me to the Platypus – cheeky, cute, fun and uniquely different…his nickname for me is in fact: “Platypus” or “Platty” for short and I love it!

Some years ago, I was visiting friends in Tasmania who had a holiday home in the mountains. On the drive out there, to stay for a couple of nights, we were talking about the river and she said that Platypus have been seen there on occasion. Silently I prayed and asked God to give me a gift – a gift of seeing a Platypus in the wild. The next morning as I woke very early…”unexplainably”…I got up quietly and crept out of the cabin and walked down to the river…smiling to myself as I went, as I was expectant to see something…

I sat on the river bank waiting…..
Soaking in the morning sounds and the gentle movement of the water…
Then suddenly… and with a very small splash I saw….
the cheekiest, cutest face EVER…
a platypus came up within feet of where I was sitting….to take a squizz at me!
We looked for but a second at each other and then as fast, the visitor was gone!
I was ecstatic….breathless with awe, wonder and delight…Thankyou God…
what a wonderful gift…better than I could ever have imagined!

The Platypus is so unique, so gorgeous, so delightful…and so not made of left overs or bit’s and pieces God didn’t know what to do with. He knew exactly what He needed to make the Platypus and how captivating and delightful being with His Creation is!

I hope that even if you never see a Platypus in the wild…you will continue to wonder at all of His handiwork and how creative, unique and special every ingredient He put into all things are. All things have been made beautiful by His hand, for His great Delight and indeed for us to delight in too!

So glad you and I are made of that same Delight, the Ingredients measured to their exact proportions and formed in just the right timing…for His good pleasure and ours!

URLOVD with greatest Delight!

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