Privacy – Part 3

Recently, I have been reflecting on my time living in other cultures, reading various articles and seeing footage of people living in other countries… thinking on our own ‘way of life’ something stands out in stark contrast.
The more affluent a society is, the less interaction we seem to engage in.
The less a society has in possessions the more time spent together.
Which group is richer? Which is more of a community? Which has a common unity…a common bond?
On my return from overseas, I had what is commonly termed “reverse culture shock”. I struggled immensely with my home culture and the affluence that was so evident…that is, in contrast to where I came from.
I struggled daily with the things I had grown to love and appreciate in my village lifestyle and deeply yearned for it…I took time to reacclimatise to Australian culture or maybe I still haven’t properly after 15 years…anyway…one of the things that struck me was this:
I walked into my local supermarket to buy toothpaste and I walked out 10 minutes later with nothing. I was so bombarded with options…it was too much and was like an overload on my brain. I reflect on this now, because I still feel at times that there is no need for so many options, no need to take up so much time deciding on what type of toothpaste (or whatever else) to buy – when I really just want to get on with living. I want to get to know people….walk alongside…be involved in lives that are so magnificent, so marvellous and such a glorious ‘show’ of God. Life can so busy making decisions – whether that be another purchase option or choice of job…whatever it is…does it include the choice to include others, interact meaningfully, share life together… we have time to BE together without all those other distractions?
I am forever changed by my time living overseas and I hope that change stays with me and even continues to grow…and I more opportunities to experience other cultures…because I desire and hunger for more of that type of living. Living with a common bond…a common passion that unites mankind – sharing our lives without restraint, without hiding, with complete honesty and openness, without worry of being judged…criticised…being made fun of….but being Loved for being ourselves…
Perhaps I still do not fit so well in my ‘home’ culture and yet…
There is One that knits us all together and at times that process hurts…the sting of His weaving ‘needle’ is not always comfortable…yet so profitable..we are, after all, cut from the same Cloth!

One response to “Privacy – Part 3

  1. Hi, Shelly, I was just reading your article which was a blessing, so thank you for sharing. I wanted to ask where you were originally from. You mentioned about a village you came from, so was curious to where that was. Also, you mentioned being overseas, so I wasn’t sure if you were referring to a trip overseas you went on and recently came back or if it was from where you came from. Again, thank you for sharing your inspiring insights. Blessings, Pam Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2013 13:55:26 +0000 To:

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