Our service…for us or unto Him?

Worshipping God @ church is great…really good! We sing, we feel or sense Him with us…we are touched by His hand and then….on with the service…the show must go on! Time for the announcements, the sermon and then fellowship around coffee.

Please understand, I am all for an orderly service…for organisation and for each element of the service to have its time and place…the thing is – perhaps sometimes, that order is so organised that we may be missing out on God overwhelming us with Himself…with something outside of our plan for the morning.  How much room do we give God in our service to take control, to lead, to guide and to speak to us?  What is the church service for…or who is the service for?  Is the gathering together for us alone…to do our own thing…and allow God to visit briefly? or is it our spiritual act of worship/service to Him, to acknowledge Him, worship Him, Love Him and be Loved by Him… Is there time in our service to be still and know God? To adore Him and be adored by Him. To hear in the quietness of our spirits queited before Him, our mind and body stilled…to develop sensitivity to His Spirit in the midst of the assembly and then, speaking psalms, hymms and spiritual songs to God and each other.  How much room do we give to God to have His way in our church service and in our daily lives? 

In order to listen, we need to be still and quiet long enough to hear. He desires to be with us…HE is Christ Immanuel – God with us…lets give His Presence needs room to move!

Isaiah 30:15  (NIV)

This is what the Sovereign Lord, the Holy One of Israel, says:

“In repentance and rest is your salvation,    

in quietness and trust is your strength,    

but you would have none of it.”

May that last line not be us…may we truly repent from our activity and doing…and quiet ourselves in His Presence…

URLOVD in His Presence!


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