Praising AND Listening…

Praising God is Great….Hearing God is Awesome! They really shouldn’t be separate and they most definitely are not mutually exclusive..though somehow, in some places they are! How can that be?  Could it be that we might be so caught up in giving God praise, that we forget He loves to heap it on us too!  YES – that’s right..He Loves telling us how much He Loves us more than we love telling Him!

How would it be if your husband (or wife) told you often how much they loved you…of course that would be good…however you never told them how much you loved them? Say, for example, your husband (or wife) never gave you a chance to ‘’get a word in edgeways” so you never had a chance to really express how you totally adored and loved them too?  Now that wouldn’t go so well…would it?  I think we act like that towards God sometimes…He waits patiently to speak, to shed abroad in our hearts His Adoration on us…but wait – we are too busy speaking and making a noise telling Him.

Our Heavenly Father loves telling us how much He adores us…He wants to saturate us in His Words of Loving kindness…rejoicing over us with singing, setting up His banner of Love over us…

I am completely addicted to hearing His voice to me…and to His people…because we were made by Him and for Him.

Our praise to God is great – His praise of us is magnificent to behold! 

May our delight in Him and Him in us, be so completely combined and inseparable that we simply cannot tell the difference…the giving and receiving of mutual love and adoration is His idea of really living and moving and having our being in Him. 

It takes two to have a relationship…so we ought to give God space to speak.

The funny thing that happens then is this:  HE speaks to you and then undoubtedly through you!  When you have heard His Love spoken to you and it becomes part of you…you are unable to contain that kind of amazing Love…and there is spillage!  

Yep – a beautiful running over, like a cup filled to full and spilling over…perhaps even splashing as you walk along…that’s a delightful thought.

I Love Praising God..hearing His voice to me, being in His Presence and sloshing that all over the place!    God says: URLOVD!

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