How turned to Who….is Woohoo!

The other morning, I was thinking on something…my thoughts were doing gymnastics on the different possibilities that could bring about His plan…then I heard God say:

“It’s not the how it is the Who! When you focus on Me and Who I am, your thoughts will not wonder How it will be done…you will only be captivated by Me.”

I just love that about God…untangling my mental gymnastics…allowing me to return to freedom in Him and Who He is!

If you are wondering today how something will be accomplished – no matter how big or small…turn your HOW thinking into thinking about the Who that will do all things…make all things possible…turn all things to good to them that love Him.

Such a little word…rearranged, makes a massive difference!                                             How turned to Who is truly Woohoo!

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