Sharing your faith is like fishing….

We recently spent a week camping and fishing on the river as a family.  We had a terrific time together and although I was hoping all the kids got to catch a fish…it didn’t happen!

There were plenty of other things to we focussed on those things mostly….

One morning, I determined to get up early and go down to the river to catch a fish…I put the lines in and waited…and waited…wound the lines in a couple of times and recast…

I got to thinking about the fish and how the bait on the hook was stale and maybe that was why they weren’t biting, maybe it is unfair of me to think that a fish would take that kind of bait and I should, since I expect them to take it – freshen it up for them. So I rolled the line in…to discover they had taken the stale bait.

Blew that theory out of the water then! 

Ok, so fish aren’t so fussy then, they will eat anything….mumbling to myself..

”I am just here to feed them then, not really catch them.”

This fishing business was really frustrating me and I decided to cast the lines in again and turn my attention to something else. Pretending not to be at all concerned or interested in whether a fish jumped on or not – which was absolutely not true! I was there for fishing – to catch a fish! 

Fishing can be frustrating and I somehow needed to get some peace back…so I decided that in fact if this was how it was going to pan out, I might as well decide, that I am a fish feeder…not a fisherman…and just maybe next time we come out camping to the same spot, the fish will be bigger and able to be caught! 

That helped me a lot…and my husband laughed as I told him my story: that I was not fishing – I was a fish feeder!

When we go fishing now – I am off to feed the fish and if, in the event I am able to hook one and land it for lunch, I will be extremely stoked!

Sharing your faith is like fishing?

In the midst of this fishing experience, I found myself thinking about sharing my faith with people and it’s a bit like fishing…how sometimes the ‘bait’ of my life is stale and yet it is still taken…people, at times, will eat up anything – since they are hungry. They aren’t wanting to be hooked in or connect up with another person’s faith or God even…they just need to have a little food (for thought hopefully).  Then there’s the “fish” that will take the fresh bait and also do not want to connect up…

As I pondered this, I realised that my heart to see people enter into the Kingdom of God, being good as that is, sometimes means I miss seeing the drawing of hearts to Him…the process and the nibbles that people take – as our lives present something of a morsel to attract them towards God. So, I will continue to present the best bait possible (hopefully not stale – although God doesn’t waste a thing!)  and in expectation of a connection, a hook-up and a landing – as a fisher of men. 

Be encouraged – your faith is feeding the fish, (I mean people) everyone around you…they are taking a nibble here and there and His purposes will land them at the right time…continue to bait up and cast diligently, joyfully, expectantly!

May your fishing produce many nibbles as you constantly bait up, cast out and wind in again…the landing will be all the sweeter!

 URLOVD patiently and unending!

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