Your heart – the platform for God’s Presence!

Your heart is the platform for God’s Presence…He alone is front and centre and ready to display His Loving kindness to you and those around you.

A single heart set towards God and on fire for Him is a revival…and is intended for explosion not implosion.

As the saying goes…where there is smoke there is fire – there comes a point of spontaneous combustion!

A personal revival is accessible to all. A corporate revival consists of those individual hearts, uniting with the same fire burning within each of them…desiring to share and spread that Holy fire.
God’s plan is for that Holy Fire to spread, not be dowsed…be stoked not quenched.
This is a consuming Fire that burns off the dross of self and sin and ignites His Divine character within us for Greater Love, Greater Deeds, Greater Things…for He is here-present – Christ Immanuel.
Don’t choke on the Smoke, but know this is the hour…the time…for Spontaneous combustion…ignition time.
Let the wind blow…let the wind blow…
The Wind of the Spirit of God fans the flames also, in partnership with us…He desires us, He desires to join with us in this exquisite Divine process….His Holy fire is not to consume us… as the burning bush tells…as the three in the furnace were found….Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God Almighty! Holy Fire reign and rain!

The words and descriptions of such encounters or experiences in a revival are just that….the very Presence of God is virtually indescribable…Fear not! This is what our hearts long for…REST, PEACE, BE STILL, FEAR NOT, HE IS HERE!
The pillar of cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night…His is ever-present leading us. Be expectant….

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