Walking in Freedom….

Offense is an enemy of freedom…if you have been offended or continually get offended, you will find it impossible to live a life of freedom.  The thing we desire most is freedom which comes from One Person alone.  To be free means to let go of offenses and not keep on being offended. Constantly choosing to focus on and be found in the Presence of God is our greatest protection from every kind of hindrance to freedom.  Then, what happens is we begin to realise that residing in His Presence has amazing results – we get to enjoy the fruits – to engage any task that He speaks to us. This is the most thrilling freedom with power anyone could ever hope for, dream or imagine.  

When we are walking in Freedom…we are so completely free that giving and receiving become One! That is, the One that gives and also receives, yes – God receives our Praise, prayers and so on… God is a giver and a receiver and so are you and the line between giving and receiving becomes so blurred, that is being in sync with Him…we barely know which is what and when, because we are so captivated by Him. More of this Lord…so that..the world will know…You! 

Freedom gives us room to dream. Dreaming is the incubator of divine ideas – even God’s suggestions – actually His very intentions, whispered to us. 

We’ve been listening to His whispers excitingly anticipating it coming to pass. We are FOR his plans and purposes – His Vision. Participating in His divine plans and purposes will become His Provision revealed!

Note: His plans are way bigger than we can accomplish with the resources currently at hand because He wants to show His hand. So, right here and now, listens to His whisper – the plan is specific…the next step…share the dream, speak it out…walk hand in hand with Him and see the fruition of all that He has spoken! 

Walking in  Freedom….bringing Freedom to others…truly living!

URLOVD deliciously!

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