Gospel Truth written by REINHARD BONNKE

Gospel truth is in harmony and accord with the truth of creation. It is the God of Creation who saves us because we are part of His Creation. He makes no distinctions between nature and spirit. He saves us where we are and what we are, covering the whole scene. The Word of the Gospel is physical-spiritual power. Unbelief shuts the door on God. Jesus saves PEOPLE, people with feelings, physical and psychological. Jesus saves human beings of flesh and blood, not ghosts. Turning to Luke 5:17 it says that where this miracle took place, ‘the power of the Lord was present for him to heal the sick.” It is tragic that the only person healed had to be let in from the roof, nobody else, yet the house was full and surrounded by people, no doubt most of them sick. The religionists were there but Jesus did nothing for them, neither cleansing nor healing. Very many churches are in that state. People come to worship God as if He listened to the prayers and songs and just sat on the throne. Nothing is expected to happen except in some spiritual sense that singing and praying they suppose will do them good. It does of course, but where is the response from God? The routine goes on week by week, nothing happens, and nothing is preached for things to happen. Jesus is distant, invited, but belongs only to a spiritual dimension not the real world. A manifestation of His presence would be too disturbing of dignity and order. To such a gathering of listeners the four men came and took the roof off. That is typical. New Testament Christian faith is dynamic – it takes the roof off! Have a blessed day.

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