The Holy Trinity and the Holy Bible

The Holy Trinity, as told to us in the Bible is Father, Son, Holy Spirit.
Inseparable, indivisible, in complete harmony!

Is there another in the three? I ask because in some religious places I have been, I see the Bible, I hear the Word of God,
I consent to the Truth being spoken and yet there is something…in fact Someone absent…
Could it be, that somehow we have taken up the Holy Bible and set aside the Holy Trinity?

The written word of God points us to God as our Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit constantly and yet with our human abilities, gifts and will, perhaps we have been so busy interpreting the word, that we miss the greatest…Person of the Word?
In the beginning, the Word was with God…Jesus is the Living Word!

The Bible is a tool, our most precious resource for gaining knowledge of the Holy Trinity. We are to meditate on the words day and night, to hide them in our hearts…to sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs to each, encourage each other in the word. The written word is something I cherish and love very dearly – every day I read it. The written word, however, is not my Saviour…my Living abiding-in-me everyday Christ Immanuel, God with me!

Who do we call upon?

Who do I talk with – commune with? The Living Word – Jesus, who is my Saviour.
The paper and ink which we hold in our hands daily… is not our Saviour…our Redeemer, our Friend – Jesus is!
We read the written word and commune with the Living Word!
Commune – meaning do life with, communicate, listen to and speak with, share – live and move and have our being in.

The early church did not have the New Testament in the form we have now, it was in fact, in the process of being written – oby God, through the hands of men, scribes if you like, to pass on the realities, encounters, experiences, truths of God and of how they lived from the Presence of God.

They had the fire of God within their bellies, to live and move and have their being in Him. They were led by the Spirit of God, to speak, teach, share all things in common, to care and Love each other with His Love. They spoke to each other of the things the Lord did in their midst and amongst those who were being saved also. They saw His Power in signs, wonders and miracles – people saved, delivered and set free! Now that is the life for me…today…

We need the word of God, in ink and paper – Yes we do!
We need the Presence of God in Power more…
We need relationship with the Trinity in Person, here present…YES we do!

The Holy Scripture is of greatest value when enlivened by the Presence of His Holy Spirit.
The Bible is the word of God and is made alive to us by the Holy Spirit…otherwise, it is just another book!
The way the Word is made living and active is by Holy Spirit Presence and we experience God – we know and are also made truly alive in that encounter!

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