Revival… Part 1

Revival is a condition of hearts in harmony with God’s heart….allowing His Presence to Habitat.
Anyone of us can gain a ‘’touch’’ from the Lord – a visitation or an experience of His Loving Kindness toward us – His Presence in our midst. To see and live in revival takes a complete exposure of all that we are individually.

O’God – that we would allow You not just to be revealed, that You would reside, abide and constantly habitat within us and everything…anything else is as nothing. We are totally completely sold out to Jesus and Him alone! The worries of this world…fade into insignificance – in the Beauty of His Presence.

Not that all of the issues of life are forgotten by God…He is interested in every aspect of living, the thing is…what is of paramount importance and focus is Him and that is where we are captured and captivated by Him. The right balance and order of His plans and purposes for our lives are firmly established…made clear and we enter into that place of Rest with Him whereby we live and move and have our being.

Praying for revival is never ceasing…
Preparing for revival is ever-present…
Prospering in revival is for now and all Eternity…

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