Revival Part 2

Love one another…


Revival comes when the Lovers of God release His Love!


What the saints have received to themselves, must not be held.

As we cry out to God to send revival…

May our Love for another ever increase…in actions, words and deeds.

This is how the world will know that you are my disciples, by the Love you have for one another.


If there are walls between you,

If there are firmly in place, inhibitions, fears and wonderings between you…

Then you are not really known by each other.

Is that Loving one another?

That is not even being known….


Release yourself to be known and even touched by another

Release yourself from any fears or rejections

Release yourself from offenses, niggles and annoyances

Release yourself to Love others, with the Love you yourself have received from the Father


Receive His Perfect Love for you and those around you

Receive and stand firmly in His Love, immovable on this one thing alone…

You are Loved completely and entirely Loved

And in the same way, is your brother next to you..

Grasp this and revival is closer than you could ever hope.


And if you have perceived that the Love of the Father is not enough to give away,

Why would you even ask for more…for revival to come.

After all, revival is about a harvest of souls

If you have not enough Love for yourself and to give to your brother next to you

In the congregation of believers…how then will you have enough to give away

To the fresh harvest of souls?


Release what you do have…ever as small as you might think that is

So that I can give you more

Be faithful in the little and I shall pour upon your lap

Pressed down, shaken together and running over

Beyond what you could ever hope for or imagine

Give and it will be given unto you…


Break the walls down Lord…

I am willing to be known by others,

As you know me and I know you,

I have nothing to fear, for you are my all in all

You are my portion and my praise

Let your Love flow freely

As the saints bow down in worship and adoration

And your Presence in our midst is released

So that all will know that You are our God

And we are Your people.


And in that day, the House of God shook with a mighty roar of praise

As the people cried out in great Joy, to the King of Glory

And many heard and came to the place of Worship

Drawn by the Spirit of Love, Peace and Mercy

And in that day, shall He reign and continue to pour out His refreshing rains

Never ceasing unending flow… Living Water…so that all who come, shall drink

Drinking constantly and deeply of the Love of the Father for all His children

So be it Lord! Amen.

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