Worshipping as a family, openly without restraint…

What does that look like?

If corporately, it is difficult to enter into God’s presence together..then there is a job to be done!

There is not a connection problem from God’s end..His line is always and fully open.

His will is His Kingdom Come on Earth as it is in Heaven!

There are walls to be broken down between us.

This does not need to take a long time, in fact, it can/could happen in an instant = where hearts are willing

To be united in Christ…to be naked and unashamed before God, then also, before man…

Perhaps, however, if we were to recognise these walls that we have built up between ourselves

and in desperation, to hunger and cry to God for restoration and to see God in our midst,

We humble ourselves, repenting before God of our sins, of our hard heartedness, of our selfish desires and of holding to ourselves the very gifts given to give away…

We then would receive what it is we are asking of God…as we give away, in turn He will pour more out on His people and we then are able to receive more…


First, get the plank out of our own eyes…

Then give us eyes to see you Lord,

A heart to truly worship you

To bring all and give all that we have in the assembly…in the house of God,

To Glorify you alone God!

He is King of King and Lord of Lords

He is our Saviour

We wanna see your Kingdom…here in our midst…Your Glory…

You alone are Holy, Holy, Holy

Our Praises rise now, as incense before your Throne…

Even now Your Presence on Earth with us,

And the wind of Your Spirit,

Blowing the sweet fragrance of Jesus all over us

All over our town of Kyabram,

Our state of Victoria

Our nation of Australia

And to nations that you have assigned us

Appointed us to bring healing, deliverance

Those that are even now being saved, healed, delivered, set free!


We are your co-labourers, co-heirs and standing with You Lord

In the very inheritance you gave us..Eternal give away,

And Heavens treasures uncountable, innumerable, indescribable

Your Glory here present for all to see…to come and adore You alone!

Hallelujah! Glory… So be it!

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