Love One Another

I know many are praying for Revival and I believe even now, God is answering our prayers.
I believe that starting with His Body, He is doing a mighty work and stirring up many to His Divine plan and calling
I believe many are responding, hungering and thirsting, panting for the Living God
And He is indeed hearing and responding, as His people are responding to Him
I believe also, that as the Body of Christ, we are His Holy hands and feet on earth…
Are being made ready for a great harvest of souls entering into the Kingdom

With this then, in progress even now,
I also believe we are called to something greater…
In the midst of the prayers, the hungering and thirsting, the increase in praise to God and His manifest Presence with us…
He has an expectation…a commandment that we are to fullfill…
Love one another.

I know that sounds so obvious, so very very obvious
However, we know that the obvious, that which is right in front of our faces
We are inclined to miss…
Simply because it is just too simple….too easy…
Let us be as children in this one…and do as He says
Love one another…
Love the one closest to you –
in your homes,
in the seat at church or while you are getting your coffee after

Smile not just “like you mean it” – really mean it!
When you are tired and weary – don’t brush people off…make an effort to go to bed earlier, so you can give people your best!
Greet people with genuine interest and deliberately say goodbye instead of just walking off….bless them with your presence – in your coming and your going.
Do this in the house of God and you can do this wherever you go.

I understand that it can be difficult to share with people when you are hurting…that is why as believers, we can minister to one another, comfort and share in each other’s sorrows and joys. If we are not sharing like this in church, what do we expect to give those that are being saved?

I believe that the harvest is coming and even now in progress…
The thing is, if we are not willing to love one another
How will we treat those of the harvest?
God will not have His harvest trampled by those that are not able to love them, the way He requires.

Truly love…love ever more deeply, as you are loved by the Father.
Know more of the Fathers love and live that out in the house of God
And you will be ready to take care of the harvest that is being brought…

Let the walls come down between us Lord
That we may love one another
As you intended
Help us in this, that you would
To entrust the harvest to us

URLOVD immensely intimately…

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