Love…without prejudice

In other words – Stop playing favourites..

We all have preferences in life,

Those things and people that we favour more than others..

Our own hearts sway us towards…

Whether it be our leanings towards

Colour of skin

Male or female

Position or status

Opinions, interests or biases


Today is the day

To put them all aside

And Love without prejudice or favour

For God loves the heart of all

No matter colour, age, gender or stature

His favour, mercy, grace and honour

Is equally the same for all

You, because of your position

Is no more favoured by God

Your male or female –ness, neither

Has any bearing on the matter

For you are all made complete in Him

Therefore, also, put aside these notions

Of greater or lesser, because they hinder

In no small way the Divine intentions

For revelation and Glory to reside in your midst.


Culture too..can be your hurdle

Be at this time, completely found in Him

All with hearts circumcised from this earthly worldview

The perceptions – only perceived by the human heart

That hinder knowing more of the very heart of the Father


Harbouring these things is of no use

Actually great harm and destruction lies therein

Akin to slavery of self and even others

Chains that bind and scourer , imprisoning and torturous


Let go of those prejudices, those boundaries

Know that you are loved and the next one

As much…no more no less

And you will know and see with ever growing and greater clarity

You are completely embraced and loved

And so each one is as precious in the Kings sight

Glorious day, when we all see Him face to face

For now…much is revealed, that was concealed

As you know and are fully known

Be in His Love and His through you

To all without restraint or favour.

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