Hosting the Presence – A Holy Occupation

Hosting the Presence of the Holy Spirit by Bill Johnson (2013 School Of Healing And Impartation – Session 2 – January 14)

[transcribed from a talk]

A word of caution—you will likely read things here that will challenge your way of thinking—things that many Christians have not experienced, myself including. It does not mean that these ideas and experiences are invalid or heretical. Rather than letting your mind go in that direction, consider that God is SO much BIGGER than we think. Consider those hard words of Jesus that you have never been able to relate to or figure out…things like, “As the Father sent me, so I send you” and “Truly Truly I say to you, he who believes in me will do the same works that I do….” Living on earth, yet from Heaven, bringing the Kingdom of God to earth—declaring the Kingdom of God is at hand…the will of God is to be done ‘on earth as it is in Heaven’ is what Jesus did. He led the way and provided in every way for us to follow in His steps. The Kingdom of God is not a matter of words, or rules—it’s not a religion; it is the rule or dominion of God. Paul tells us in his first letter to the Corinthians, chapter 4:20 “For the kingdom of God does not consist in talk but in power”. And to the Roman believers he tells us it is a matter of “righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.” Was Jesus exaggerating when He said He came to give us an abundant life? Nobody suffering with a nasty disease is living an abundant life—which is why He healed them, which is also why He has empowered us, the Church, to do the things that He did. I see this in Scripture and have to speak it out. My experience does not totally live up to this—but I believe it will. I have tasted too much of the Lord’s goodness to sit back and do nothing to move forward in faith. We cannot preach only those things that are our experience; we have to preach the Word of God and declare the Lordship of Jesus in the world. As we do, the signs and wonders will follow.

If you have your doubts about the things you are about to read, talk to God about it. Ask Him to open your eyes to that which is true. Examine the Scriptures to see if what you are reading here matches up. I believe it does. But we, in our Western cultural grid have mindsets that we’ve inherited from the Enlightenment Age that rule out the supernatural as a normal way of life, and so we block out these things as being ridiculously impossible.

Some of us, should we choose to entertain the possibility of this being the ‘normal Christian life’ will then be tempted to feel bad about ourselves, some may even wonder, well, then does that mean I am not saved? No! It just means you’ve been blinded to all that God has for you as a man or woman who has been reconciled to Him through the blood of His Son and entrusted with the Holy Spirit. …There is SO much more that God has planned for us as redeemed people. I can feel it in my spirit. I can see it in the Word (will you dare to see it too?). And I, for one, want Jesus to receive “the reward of His suffering” in my life—and in yours, which is why I am posting this note, among others. Jesus paid a steep price for us, and it was not so that we can sit tight and comfortable in our little church pews and hear good messages. It is not even about doing good deeds that help people. That is not what the Christian life is all about. Any unbeliever can do that. We have settled for too little, for too long… We must welcome God the Holy Spirit—in prayer, asking Him to do all that is in the Father’s heart for us, in us, through us—and stop grieving this precious One that God has entrusted to us.

That which you see below embedded in the text in [ ] are my words ~ Ruth Snyder

…The first time I had anything … happen [where the Spirit of God fell powerfully on me and later through me] was when I was visiting Anaheim Vineyard (a Vineyard church) 1987 and …John Wimber led this particular conference. It was so powerful. … There were probably 3 or 4 thousand people there—the place was just packed to the rafters—and we never could get a good seat… And there was never any time for laying on of hands. There was never any time for prayer for other people for impartation kind of prayer. It was never even discussed. It was just: we observed, we watched, they taught us profoundly and then they modeled it and we watched as people got set free from the demonic. They got healed from disease. And we went home. And as soon as we got home, I went to a friend just to pray for him and the power of God hit him [he fell down momentarily unconscious]—I’d never had that happen before. So whatever was in the room, got on me :).

Have you ever gone into a restaurant that doesn’t have good ventilation? And you walk out smelling like that restaurant?… That’s how it is when you get into the anointing—it just gets into your clothing, it gets in your hair, it gets in your eyes—it just affects everything. It may sound corny to people, but it’s not, once you’re in it. [I think this happened to myself, my husband, and our daughter, Sarah, a couple years ago when we were visiting her in Washington D.C. She lived in a predominantly black neighborhood where outsiders were buying up property and upgrading it, which was having the effect of raising taxes and making it difficult for the locals to keep up with. So, for that reason they did not particularly like white people living in their neighborhood. Well, it was a Sunday morning and we walked about 30 minutes to get to Sarah’s church. It was a church where people believed and occasionally experienced all the cool stuff you see in the New Testament, and the worship was sweet and focused on Christ. Nothing spectacular happened in that service, but as we were walking home—the three of us ‘arm in arm’ (we hadn’t seen each other for a long time), we walked past a house with a little ‘postage stamp-sized’ yard where an elderly black lady was smoking a cigarette. She looked up at us and said, “Beautiful people, beautiful people!” Sarah and David were deep in conversation and I caught what the lady said first and we looked up and smiled at her as we continued on. Now, you’ve got to know, we were not particularly dressed up – not as dressed up as most African Americans would be for church. We are relatively casual people. Anyway, we continued walking and a couple blocks later, as we turned a corner, a young black man was walking across from the other side of the road and he exclaimed in the same words as the lady, “Beautiful people, beautiful people!” It didn’t hit me until then that the glory of God must have been visible somehow on us. Obviously, this is not the same manifestation of someone falling down or a whole room of people falling down under the power of God, but who are we to determine what God can or should do?]

A lot of things look stupid from a distance, that are brilliant on the inside. Michel the daughter of Saul was in the palace while David was dancing wildly before the Lord, and she mocked him. She said, “How foolish you looked today, dancing before the people…” and right after that, it says that, “she bore no child ‘til the day of her death”. Because what David was doing—dancing wildly, removing His kingly garments—wearing, really, a priestly undergarment, a tunic—and he danced wildly before the Lord, and to look foolish to anyone from a distance but it is the most reasonable thing to do for the person who was in the glory. And what the Lord is doing is He is training us. He is teaching us how to think differently—how to see—He’s teaching us what to value.

There are times where—in a meeting like this [where God’s presence is evident]—the last thing in the world you want to do is to teach. We’ve had—over the last year and a half—we’ve had 24 occasions that I’ve been able to count where a ‘glory cloud’ has begun to manifest—sometimes extreme, sometimes very thin but it just fills the entire front of the room, sometimes the entire sanctuary. And when He begins to show up like that, you feel kind of stupid trying to think of something to do. I mean, how are you going to ‘top’ that?! … I’ve been to events where smoke machines are used, and I think that’s awesome, but I made a decision for our corporate gatherings—I made this decision almost 17 yrs ago—NO SMOKE MACHINES, not because they’re wrong but because I expect the cloud of His Presence to come. And I want to notice it when He does. I want to see it. And I’ve wondered—what would it look like? I mean, He can do it any way He wants, but what would He do—what would I do? Do I fall on my face? Do I dive under the front row—what would I do? Do I run out of the building? Do I stand there and worship—what do I do?

And when it started happening, I just stood there feeling like the stupidest person on the planet [looking around with my mouth open]. And I couldn’t figure out what to do—it’s like every thought that’s in your brain just gets raptured. 😉 You have no intelligent thoughts left. You feel incredible peace but you couldn’t think of an intelligent thing to do if you wanted to. You’re just overwhelmed by Presence.

And honestly, for a number of weeks I tried to figure out, what do we do when He decides to show up like that [again]? I don’t want to advertise it. I don’t want to use that for attention—I’m not interested in that. There’s a lot of ‘gunfire’ that comes from attention. So I, for a number of weeks, tried to figure out what to do, and then I watched the children. And whenever that cloud would come, wherever they were, they would watch, they would get up and they would run towards where the cloud was. And they would stand with their faces up and their mouths open—cause they wanted to ‘taste and see’. And I thought—apparently that’s what we are supposed to be doing!

You just don’t know what He’s going to do and how He’s going to do it. If you’ve got it figured out, He’ll probably do it different. So, the only safeguard that I feel like we have, to be honest with you, is [to learn to think differently, to not put God in a box]. There are a lot of folks who think their intelligence will keep them from deception and they are already deceived. I believe in intelligence—the Lord gave us a mind because His intention and design for everyone of us is to live brilliantly… But the mind is either renewed or it wars against God. It may be subtle, but it works contrary to the purposes of God. The mind is not the source of faith—you know that. It [Scripture] says, “with the heart man believes”. The mind can mess you up—or it enhances faith. The renewed mind actually enhances faith. It’s not the source but it’s almost like the banks of the river in a sense—it’s the renewed mind actually gives a place for this thing [faith] to be activated, to function and to work. And the Lord will take us into His presence, He’ll take us into encounters, into experiences—some of them extreme; some of them very, very subtle, but He does it every time to bring us to a place where we learn to think and to see differently.

We are only as mature as our mind is renewed. There are many people that through their gifting can follow the leading of the Spirit and see breakthrough but they don’t have a renewed mind outside of that manifested Presence that functions through them for preaching, for a miracle or whatever. There are people that can preach very powerfully under the anointing but out of the pulpit, the mind is not renewed at all. …Under that anointing, that manifested Presence, there is tremendous ability to perceive and to discern what God is doing, but we are only mature as we are in our thinking, because, outside of that Presence that comes upon us…in ministry, we are still broken, still have things that need to get fixed in us. All of us are in that condition, but I’m telling you, the Lord has an assignment on you—He’s put a ‘bull’s eye’ on you. And the Holy Spirit is working on you—on me—leading us day by day into various portions of Scripture, into various experiences and encounters, being exposed to things that offend us, being exposed to things that excite us—everything in between—all to teach us how to think and how to see differently.

The entire word for repentance—how many of you think that repentance is an important word to the Christian life? Yeh, like that’s the dumbest question of the day 😉 … Repentance is a big deal, but repentance means ‘to change the way you think’. It is actually what it means. You can come to the alter and confess your sins and do what we deem to be repentance and those are all legitimate and healthy manifestations of repentance, but repentance isn’t complete unless there is a different way of thinking.

And so the Lord is leading us into a life-style of repentance where we maintain Divine Perspective on reality. … Psalm 37…Asaph is complaining about how all the sinners are blessed and he is not. And he says, “I thought that way until I came into the sanctuary. The sanctuary wasn’t just a building, it was a place where there was encounter with Glory. So what he is saying is this, is “when I came into the glory, everything that I was looking at looked differently”, which means this: everything, every circumstance is subject to distortion outside of the Presence. And learning to live the life of encounter, learning to live the life of hosting the Presence, of carrying the anointing, learning to live the life of the awe and the celebration, the value of the most incredible gift we could ever possibly be given this side of heaven. And that is, the Person of the Holy Spirit has been given to us as a ‘down payment’. In other words, there’s more to come. He’s given us the Holy Spirit—that’s what we‘ve inherited. And learning to host and to carry this Person into the earth where we stay, we learn this is life. We learn how to stay in communion, in fellowship—we learn how to remain conscious of this Person. All of that is part of the changing of our perspective on reality.

The renewed mind doesn’t come about because I can quote a Scripture to answer your question. It’s not necessarily the guy who has the biblical answers [who has a renewed mind]. It [the renewed mind] literally is [having] Divine Perspective. And in the anointing, you’ll never see a ‘giant’. You’ll never see a giant. All Goliaths shrink in size when you are in the anointing [in the Presence of God]. You will never be impressed by a giant again—not in the glory. If there is an intimidating factor—it may be a disease, it may be a relational conflict. It may be an impossibility in business—it doesn’t matter what it is—every problem shrinks to its proper size in the anointing. And so learning to host this Person, this Presence is the most valuable thing that we’ve got going in life.

… Some part of you [your being] is aware of the Presence of God. What is needed is to learn what part that is. A friend of mine who’s a pilot said, “When they trained me fly in a flight simulator—he’s a pilot with like 18,000 hours—which is extraordinary for a non airline pilot—when they take you in a flight simulator, they regulate the oxygen levels while you’re ‘flying’. And there’s a point in the test where you have a piece of paper and a pencil and they lower the oxygen levels because they want you to know what it feels like—‘cause nobody’s going to tell you, “oxygen levels are decreasing—they want you to know how your body reacts to a shift in the atmosphere. And, some people’s leg muscle will twitch. Others, maybe the hair on the back of their neck stands up—[it is different for each person]. It’s like, if everybody’s right kneecap twitched, they’d put it in the manual, “when the right kneecap twitches, you’ve got an issue. Lower that plane.” Ya know, because they’ve got backup oxygen systems, but what happens if they fail? So they want you to be able to know, get the plane back down to a safe elevation. And if everybody’s right kneecap twitched, it’d be easy—you’d just put that in the manual. But the problem is, everybody’s body reacts to the same environment differently. And so they lower the oxygen levels and you’re sitting there and you have to write down everything that you’re beginning to feel and sense. And then right as the person begins to pass out, they increase the oxygen levels and then you’ve got your list. And you memorize: when that right shoulder begins to ache for no apparent reason, I better check oxygen levels…

So how does that relate to you and me? It mean every time we come together, it means every time we gather in our homes, in our small groups—it doesn’t matter where it is—your personal devotions, you just begin to pay attention when it happens—you know what happens to me more than any other phenomenon is, I will have inspired thought—that’s not very physical—I start getting revelation—I get in a certain environment and I start thinking things that are beyond my normal thoughts—I’ve learned to recognize: oh, ok, I’m in that kind of Presence right now. Other times, they’ll be a burning in my hand—it doesn’t matter what it is for me. Randy talks about the tingling that starts on the top of his head… The point is, when you’re in the Presence, part of you knows it. Some of you just aren’t aware of what part of you is screaming out, “I found Him”. Does that make any sense to you at all? And so what we are doing in these days together, there will be times, there will be shifts in Presence, there will be shifts in anointing—for some it will be when you walk in the room, you’ll sense it immediately. It’s a big deal to me that we recognize when He shows up. I remember years ago when this thing first started for us back in ’96, there would be times I’d be sitting in my office and this Presence would come into this whole side of the building and I would run out in to the office part of the building and yell, “Surf’s up!” Within moments there’d be bodies everywhere.

I remember in the lobby of our office where people would come in there for appointments with pastors and whoever. And I remember one time we were praying for people out there… and more people came in, and there were now bodies everywhere and a lady was coming to the church to bring her tithe check—she wanted to bring it after she got paid, so she drove up, and she was walking up toward the office and she looked, she looked inside, she saw the bodies, she looked at her watch because she only had a certain amount of time before she had to be back to work and thought, “I can’t do it” so she turned around and walked out. She new that if she went in there, it was the ‘black hole’ and she may not come out for [a while].

I remember one time, our receptionist—together we were praying for someone—there’s a wall right behind the desk and we were praying for someone for deliverance and—at this season especially, if you come on to the property, you’ll be prayed for by a janitor or a secretary, security officer—it doesn’t matter who it is—if they’re they’re anywhere close to [church building], they are equipped to minister to you—so the receptionist and I were ministering deliverance to this gal and the phone rang. So instead of saying, “Good morning, Bethel Church”, she picked up the phone and said, “I plead the blood of Jesus!” And the person on the other end of the phone fell under the power of God…

Jesus did everything that He did as a man yielded to God—I don’t ever want to be misunderstood, because some quote me and report from me incorrectly—I believe Jesus is God, eternally God. He never left the position. He’s always been ‘God’. But the great mystery that baffles every one of us is He was all God and all man at the same time. And He told us that the ‘Son of Man’—which is how He identified Himself—the Son of Man can do nothing of Himself. I’ve looked it up in the Greek and ‘nothing’ actually means nothing. He couldn’t do anything that He could do—He couldn’t bring deliverance or healing, He couldn’t walk on water—He couldn’t do any of the things that God alone is capable of doing. … and so He taught us what His life : He only did what He saw the Father do; He only said what He heard the Father say. And so He modeled something that could be followed.

Now if He did all the miracles He did as God, I’m still impressed, but I’m the observer. But when I find out that He did them as ‘man’ submitted to the Father, then suddenly, I’m too curious to stay where I am—I’ve been called, I’ve been summoned—something’s happened—I’ve been compelled to follow this example into the impossible. And there’s the strangest thing—God in His own autobiography said, “Nothing is impossible with God”—and that’s how He describes Himself. And then He put this little clause…because He wanted you—and me—to enjoy a realm that no other part of creation enjoys: it’s the realm of unlimited possibilities. No impossibilities exist there. And He wanted every redeemed person—those made in His image—to enjoy that realm, and so He added this clause: “Nothing is impossible for those who believe”.

And so, suddenly, as people who are born again by faith we get introduced into a realm that must be experienced. It’s not good as a theory. Things begin as a theological point—and that’s fine—but, understanding from Scripture/revelation from Scripture is supposed to take us into an encounter with God. It’s suppose to us to the Person. In the Gospel of John, he says, “You study the Scriptures for you think in them you have eternal life, but these point to Me.” And then He adds, “and you’re unwilling to come to Me.” In other words, “You study this but you don’t want to go to the one it’s pointing to”. He was of course He’s bringing correction to the religious leaders.

So Jesus starts modeling this life, in a sense, as an invitation to step into something that everyone of us was actually born for. We were designed for this. You were designed to live in the glory. It’s not a special, ‘one-time experience’. It will become a sustainable life-style. How do we know this? “All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God”. When you were born again, you were restored to your original purpose. I was restored to my original purpose—to live in the manifested presence of King Jesus. So Jesus now is modeling a life-style that is incomprehendable—it can’t be taught in a class. It can be talked about, it can be imparted, it can be pursued, it can be cried out after, but it’s a life-time of pursuit—of following this One who learned how to recognize what the Father was doing, what He was saying.

So Jesus has this unique experience and a unique relationship with God the Father. It was unique in that no one had it before Him—not like He did. And He illustrated what this life would be like. And He so respected and loved the Father—in fact…He came to die—we know that He came to “destroy the works of the devil”—there’s a wonderful biblical list on why He came, but all of it is summed up into one thing: He came to reveal the Father. He came to a planet of ‘orphans’—to reveal Father.

So here Jesus is, He’s revealing the Father, and He’s walking among a crowd of people on a very crowded street. You can imagine—He’s already got this reputation and everybody wants to be close to Him. They all want to hear the next word out of His mouth. They all want to see what He’s about to do next, and everybody’s pressing in close and a woman reaches through the crowd, touches the edge of His clothing, and He stops and He says, “Who touched me?” And the disciples thought, quite honestly, that was the dumbest question they’d ever heard, because everybody in the city is touching Him. Everybody is getting as close to Him as they possibly can. Now it’s good to note: everybody’s touching Him but nobody’s getting a miracle. This woman reaches through the crowd, she touches the edge of His clothing and He turns and says, “Who touched me?” The disciples said, “Everybody’s touching you.” He ignored them as He often did, and He said, “Virtue has left me—power—dunamis has left me”. He felt power… Power, ‘Heavenly power’ is the person of the Holy Spirit. It’s not an abstract substance—power actually went from Him. ‘Presence’ went from Him. Now He has the Spirit without measure, so that means it wasn’t like she took something that He needed. He’s got unlimited measure of Holy Spirit. But she put a demand on what He carried—He felt it go.

Well, …here’s the thing that provokes me so much: here’s Jesus in the middle of a crowd—He’s talking to people, He’s probably praying for folks, He’s answering questions—He’s just hangin’ out. Somebody touches Him and in the middle of all this activity, He was conscious enough of the Spirit of God upon Him that He was aware when anointing was withdrawn from Him. That means, then, it’s possible to be conscious of the Spirit of God and that’s where the beginning of the renewing of the mind starts. It comes from a Person because it is thinking His thoughts. It’s seeing from His perspective. And so, suddenly He stops and He sees that she’s been healed; you know the story. Here’s the remarkable thing to me. Jesus didn’t teach—ever—on “the secret to your miracle” being, “touch the anointed cloth”. He didn’t bother to even explain it after it happened—ya know, in His taped series, “The12 steps to your miracle” 😉 He never put that in there.

So here’s a woman who had no instructions on what to do—she was just hungry [needy]. She was hungry, number 1. Number 2, she had observed—or at least heard —of how He operated, and it seemed good to her—that’s all we know—“it seemed good to her that, perhaps, I could get what He’s carrying if I touched His clothing”. She touches it; she’s healed. By the time you get to the end of Mark chapter 6 it says, “And wherever Jesus went—cities, villages or the countryside— everyone who touched Him was made whole.” Everyone—was made whole. So you can imagine, this one story spread like wildfire and people said, “Listen, this is all you’ve got to do—just find out where He’s going.” “Hurry, drag Aunt Martha. Come on.”… “Just get to where we can touch Him…” So something happen as people began to see the ‘unseen’. What was illogical became perfectly logical after they saw the miracle. They didn’t see the invisible presence of the Spirit of God released. They didn’t see ‘fire’—at least there’s no record of that—but what they did see is a woman tap into an unseen reality end up with a miracle and they all changed how they thought. They all put into the equation: all we’ve got to do is touch Him. See, people are just one experience away from a renewed mind.

How do you remain so conscious of this Person called ‘Holy Spirit’ that in the middle of conversation you’re aware of Him. That makes me jealous—I don’t know what you do with that but that provokes me [because I know that if Jesus could do that, then it is possible that I could do that]. … Paul, in Acts 19—they take aprons from his body—ah, headbands, which implies Paul is a tent maker. They’re taking clothing—sweat-filled clothing—off his body, after working on a tent—not preaching the Gospel—doing manual labor, and they come and they steal his apron. They come and they take the headband—“hey Paul, can I have the headband?” And they would take that and go put it on a demonized person or a person that was sick and they would get healed. What is that? That’s just level 2 of the woman touching the garment. It’s the same concept, the same anointing. They started changing the way they thought to where they now could perceive yet another lever of possibility. What it is, is—if you can imagine this—their thoughts now are cooperating with the nature of God. Not just His nature in the sense ‘His desire to heal’, but the nature of His person—that there’s something about His person that sticks to clothing. Cloth absorbs.

So Peter—I don’t know how this started, but I’m assuming that they noticed that when they got close to him, maybe when they were talking to him and they walked away, and they said, “Ya know that cold I had when I walked up to him—that congestion in my chest is not there anymore. Hmmm. And you share it with a friend and they say, “The same thing with me—I had a migraine the other day and I just walked by Peter and said, ‘Hi’, and he just blessed me and I walked passed him and I haven’t had a migraine in 3 weeks…” And so they start comparing notes and realized “you can just get close to the guy and you can get healed”. So this is the concept of an anointing resting on a person taken to another level. So they started laying the sick and the lame in the streets so that Peter’s shadow—their faith used a shadow as a point of contact—but there’s no substance to a shadow.

Your shadow always releases whatever overshadows you. So learning to host the Person [of the Holy Spirit’] is what makes it possible for miracles to be released through shadows. But in the same way that a crowd was pressing in all around Jesus while He carried the anointing for breakthrough, and only one woman got it—there’s something to do with the recognition of what a person carries, and sometimes—not always because we can assume in Peter’s story that people just noticed they started getting well—so they started putting people in the streets so at least his shadow would touch them as He walked by.

What’s all this about? For me, this is ‘the life of carrying the Presence’ illustrated. It’s modeled. It’s the fact that this Person—the Holy Spirit—this One that I encounter so deeply as we worship, that that Person wants to ‘remain’ and to rest upon me continuously.

How many of you have ever been to Brazil or any of the other places with Randy and Global Awakening?…You know what happens to those of you have been with there with him… you’re there for a couple weeks—10 days maybe—and it starts off powerful, but pretty soon you get into a ‘zone’ where the ‘pray for the sick button’ is never ‘off’. 🙂 I mean, you can walk out of the hotel lobby and you’re ready to lay hands on anything that won’t run away from you 🙂 —everything is a legal target—everything. Faith accumulates over days and there’s no ‘warm-up period’ anymore. It’s like the moment you get up in the morning you’re ready to pray for somebody and you just believe—you know that God’s going to do something. Why? There’s this awareness of Presence, there’s a shifting in how we think, there’s a renewing of the mind through experience and it is sustained for the week, the two, the three weeks thay you are in that environment. Unfortunately people think that is ‘the Brazil anointing’ or the ‘Ukraine anointing’ or the ‘Mozambique anointing’. No, it’s your anointing. Steward it correctly….

Obviously there’s great things that God is doing in these various places, but I’m telling you, He doesn’t mock you by letting you tastes of something flowing in and through you, only to tell you, “you can’t have it at home. This is only for special occasions.” He’s introducing us to a life-style. He’s introducing us to an exchange—an exchange with a Person—this cooperative effort to take Kingdom and to bring it to broken situations. So He trains us and for days we go with literally no break—and I’m not talking about the ‘fatigue factor’; I’m talking about no break in the anointing—there’s no ‘off button’. You can be sitting there at a restaurant and get a word of knowledge for somebody and he [the guy the word is for] is sitting there at the table next to you—it’s just that there’s no ‘off button’. The most fun for me is to watch people that get rid of their ‘off button’…their antenna is always up. It’s like the guy who said, “Did you put the armor of God on this morning?” “Nope, I didn’t take it off when I went to bed last night.” There’s just no ‘off button’.

And there’s something about this relationship that you and I have with the Holy Spirit. Here’s what fascinates me—I’ve made reference to the fact that Jesus never taught, Peter never taught, Paul never taught—that we know of—on ‘the secret of the anointed cloth’ or ‘the shadow’ or any of those things. Those things were not discovered through a command from spiritual leaders. Those things were discovered by people, like a woman who was ‘child-like’ enough to go on an adventure where no one else had ever gone. Some things will not be learned in this next season from a command from a teacher; it will only be discovered by the heart of a child who is willing to see what He is like. She could tell what He was like. She could tell because of what happened where Jesus went. And all she did was cooperate with His nature and she got a miracle.

I believe that there are things that the Lord is releasing for you and for me in this next season…

I want us to know how to host the Presence of the Holy Spirit like Jesus did. You see, Jesus came with authority because He came with a commission. But He couldn’t operate in power until He was baptized in water and the Spirit of God came upon Him. Authority comes in the commission, power comes in the encounter. And I want us to learn how to host this Presence even greater—even great—because there are things that we are this close to, in fact closer—the people bumping up against Jesus who needed a miracle but didn’t get it because they didn’t know it was available—but the woman saw differently. So sometimes we are this close to our answer, and all the Lord wants is for us to shift how we think and how we see. So I want you first to pray for yourself and then I’m going to pray over you… Now put a hand on the shoulder of the person next to you. Pray for them. Pray for them scarier prayers than you prayed for yourself. Pray for the release of Divine encounters—for some it will be as they sleep tonight, for some it will be in meetings, for some it will be the laying on of hands, worship…yeh, just pray the best over them…to host Him well, to carry this Presence well…thank You, Lord. 49

Tell the Lord your heart’s desire is to host Him well. Father, You are the One that we long for…it’s You, it’s knowing You. It’s walking with You, it’s giving place to You, it’s worshiping You. It’s all about You. Our heart is set on You. In Heaven there’s nothing we want but You. On earth, there’s nothing we want but You. We’ve narrowed it down to this one thing—we are alive for You, and we are hungry for You. And I ask right now that for every person in some unique way that in the next few days and weeks, there would be a live, transforming encounter with You—both extreme and subtle. We give ourselves to say ‘YES’. In fact before You ask us the question, we say ‘Yes, Lord’…we say, “Yes” to You.

I have seen the shadow heal. I’ve seen healing from the touch of clothing. I’ve seen those things that have been spoken of in Scripture, and they are for now, and they are for today… And you are going to have the privilege of changing the ‘atmosphere’ of every place you go…because God is doing something in you.

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