Be authentically you!

Being authentically you…means you do not try and be somebody you are not or be like anybody else.

The Presence of God will give you peace, to be authentically who He has created you to be.
From the beginning of time, He made you and His design was perfect.
Trying to be anything different to that design makes for a very messed up life, with all kinds of strife, wrestling with self, others and just simply uncomfortable in the skin we are in, because we are not at rest in Him.

So when you do come to a place where this ‘crisis of self’ is coming to an end…it feels like it is just the worst thing in the world…it feels totally foreign and totally wrong…but wait – there’s more…it gets better, if you will just hang in there…the crisis of self is almost over and the Gloriousness of who He has made you is about to overtake you.

For we are made in His image and God has no crisis with who He is and who you are! So neither should we.

God is totally awesome IN you…He is wonderfully and superbly shaped in you to bring great things about on earth as it is in Heaven. Your shape is exactly as He has designed you! Find that place in God where you are delighted with who He has made you..because that is exactly what God does – He delights in you just as you are!
We get to delight in God and God in us….astounding!

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