Connectivity could be the most sought after commodity in our world today.
Many of us simply cannot do without some kind of connectivity to technology that has the capacity to communicate with us, to us and through us to another person or system.

Connectivity is our modern worlds catch cry – it’s a huge business and business is booming!

So how can I make a statement like this: “I’m living for connection in a disconnected world.”
If we are so connected…what do you mean a disconnected world? I will get to that in a moment…

There is a restlessness within me…it is constant and never ending and an addiction that is insatiable.
It’s not a sickness, it’s not something I want or need to be healed from, I do not want it taken away.
It is an unsatisfied appetite to connect with God and people.
There are days that this can cause great problems for me and those around me, that is because the kind of connecting my heart hungers for is not the type that always comes easily. That’s because our real connectivity comes with having our hearts connected to our Creator. God is our ultimate connection.

Connectivity is a clearly understood and a highly sought after commodity….
We strive for connectivity – the type we hunger to keep open 24/7, like internet and phones, iPad, iPod, TV, GPS…etc..
Whether we are in our homes, at work, in the car, riding a bike, walking the dog, in an airplane, train, bus…you name it connectivity is the name of the game. Connections to data, news, GPS coordinates, information and technology hold within them a security of sorts, that gives us something….what?

We have definitely been made for connection. There is without a doubt a deep hunger and need for connecting and technology simply does not ‘’cut the mustard’’ in the connectivity stakes…it doesn’t truly meet our deepest needs.

Pulling the plug on technology is not the answer completely either…however, taking a break from it could be the most life giving exercise you ever engaged in. Utilising the amazing abilities we have established to connect…in a different way, making a clear and Divine connection, which allows a flow of Love, Energy and Power like no other connection can.

I’ve done it…pulled the plug – a couple of times. It was at first, very hard to endure…I felt somehow not a whole person, like something was missing…but then, over time, I adjusted and relaxed without any interruptions – It was good.
Now, I am back…hopefully with a fresh appreciation of what real connectivity is about…taking time to be still and really connect with God, to take time to be with people and connect with them too. That is the type of connectivity I live for!

Stay connected…with God above all other connect-activities!

Connecting with God is the greatest, strongest and best connection you could ever make – and you will never be disconnected again…because URLOVD!

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