Love never fails…

Do you think it’s possible to kill Love?
I don’t think we can ever kill Love, since God is Love.
Jesus was killed once and rose in the Power of Love!
I do however know, that we can stifle Love.
In our personal pain and hurts we may harbour things such as
Suspicion, mistrust and offense
And in this soil, Love cannot grow and flourish
Dig up the fallow ground and be rid of such things that hinder
The ground from producing a crop..
If there is any suspicion or mistrust amongst you – love will not grow there.
In the assembly of the people, where hearts are open to the Presence of God
And His healing Love
With trust in God first and Him in His people
The Love of God will flow freely…and ever outward
to gather all nations around the throne of Grace.
Love never fails and never ends….

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