The power of angry!

I was at school today, sitting in the reception chair for regular staff that were away. A young boy stepped into the office asking for help as there was a fight going on outside. I peered out the window to see two boys from the senior school in a face-off…virtually head to head, I decided I wasn’t up for that today and called out into the staff room for a male staff member to come and assist. After the commotion had settled down, there was a small amount of chatter about anger and how it seemed that the matter was small compared with the level of aggression present at the time. I commented that we are not really taught how to cope with anger…what to do with it. Someone else said that it’s not wrong to be angry. Right at that moment…something connected in my brain. I thought, what is the antidote to anger? Is it love?… perhaps…partly…what else Lord? That is where the heading for this blog came from….The power of angry.

It may be a contradiction to you, as you read the heading…that there could possibly be power in your anger.
Many of us have experienced a kind of power that isn’t pleasant, it is more like rage which is destructive.
Whether we have exercised it or it has been vent out on or near us.
Recently I had a lengthy discussion about how some people can feel quite ‘powerful’ in the midst of an outburst of emotional anger…using words, actions and attitudes that flow out, that perhaps would not normally.
This type of angry soon vents itself and is gone, leaving the person drained, exhausted, deflated and defeated…in fact quite un-powerful. (I know I’ve been that person!) I have also been on the end of this type of angry – either way, it’s not nice!

Anger can be converted into real Power!

The type of angry I am talking about now…is the type that can be ‘’converted’’ before it is destructive.
It really is not wrong or sinful to be angry…the thing is, what we do with it.
Anger is a signal – a flashing light, a warning that most definitely needs to be heeded.
It might be amber or red – a very real CAUTION.
Which, when applied can be converted it into a green light for GO with God’s Power!

And “don’t sin by letting anger control you.” Don’t let the sun go down while you are still angry..
Ephesian 4:26

Our world really does contain a lot of anger…a lot of discord and bucket loads of conflict and confrontation.
How, as Christians do we tackle that? How do we address that? What do we do with our own anger?
Do we allow others to express it? Is it OK to vent?

I really do believe it’s time we learnt and were able to teach others a very simple way to be angry and sin not!
It may just save a few lives…heal a few relationships.
In fact, there is Power here to save, heal, deliver and set free…will you journey with me and explore this some more?

I promise it will be worth it…more Power to you and through you, because URLOVD immensely intimately!

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