The Power of Angry – Part 2

WARNING: This blog may offend you, cause you to feel upset, annoyed and even resentful resulting in you being angry. Don’t worry – keep reading, there is Power in your angry!

The catch cry in today’s world is to reduce, reuse and recycle…and that is a good thing.
I am here to tell you that you can do this with your anger. You can harness the power that anger has and convert into Powerful and life transforming – making a difference in your life and the lives of those around you.

When something has been in our lives for a long time and then is no longer required because of a new thing, it is an opportunity to celebrate the newness of Life that comes to take it’s place! I recently cleaned out my wardrobe…there was a lot of stuff in there that I just didn’t wear anyone and there was no point keeping them…there were other things, that I thought I might wear again one day – but I also decided to reduce, reuse, recycle to the op shop. There were other items that were more recent and I was glad to move into a more prominent position and use more often. Sharing this with you today, is much like that…it’s a shifting of something into a more prominent position – to be used much much more often!

Are you fenced in?

Are there times in your life when you pray and it seems nothing is getting through? And you think perhaps God isn’t listening or isn’t interested, or too busy or you’re not good enough…? I am certain we all experience this at some time or other. However I have discovered there are people that experience this most of the time…and I have wondered about that. What would stop our prayers getting through to God?


To hold an offense does literally cause us to be fenced in…and not a good kind of fence either, it’s restrictive, upsetting, annoying and results in resentfulness and most often shows itself in angry!

I have noticed this in myself and in some important personal relationships. In our marriage, my husband and I have had our struggles and it can be a challenge to be in relationship and yet, the benefits should far out way the opposite. I react to him and him me. Many a time I have chastised myself, in the midst of my annoyance and being upset to not become resentful, to decide to walk on without carrying it, sometimes I have succeeded…sometimes not. My first preference is to talk about it with my husband, however that may or may not be his at any given time. I have had to learn that letting go is most often the best option. Choosing to set myself free from these slights has brought much more freedom in my life. That is only part of the story…because feeling upset, annoyed, frustrated and being offended are a part of life…but how do we deal with this?

I share this with you, because I know there is much more victory to gain in it, daily or as often as I need to – minutely if needed. I’ve realised we are not really taught how to deal with our frustration and anger…but there is an Answer and it comes with Power!

Proverbs 19:11
Colossians 3:8, 12-13 But now you must put them all away: anger, wrath, malice, slander, and obscene talk from your mouth. Put on then, as God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience, bearing with one another and, if one has a complaint against another, forgiving each other; as the Lord has forgiven you, so you also must forgive.
Put off offense and anger and put on forgiveness and loving kindness. Just like changing clothes…we can change our minds and attitudes of our heart. Therein lies the shift…the Power is coming!

To hold an offence or take offence is putting a boundary around our ability to live free and unhindered.
Offenses can be a fence which is more like an impenetrable wall! High, thick, hard and harsh.
You may think that an offended person might stick out in the crowd or be very obvious.
A person that carries offenses in fact, can be extremely clever at hiding them or actually, simply not realise that they are walking in that way. Carrying offenses becomes a way of life that is ‘’normal’’ to them and those around them and eventually is accepted as normal – therein lies the deception.

When holding on to an offense, there is hardness of heart, there is coldness towards others, there is no freedom.
The words and thoughts are now consumed by that ‘’thing’’ and over time (and this can be relatively short), we can forget what was actually the cause of the original offense…and walk in a way that is filled with negativity and death. It seems impossible to the one walking in this way, to break out – to change. In fact, it is impossible! However, what is impossible with man is possible with God and therein is the answer. We must again…and constantly lean not on our own understanding about circumstances and situations, people and their motives and even the outcome of all of that.

Taking offense at something or someone means you are taking something that doesn’t belong to you! You are in affect stealing and in that, breaking the law!

What do you mean I’m stealing? The thing with taking offenses is that anyone who says they are a Christ follower and walks in offense, has in effect, changed camps – that is, joined the enemy army. The devil wants you to do this so that he has a legal entry point into your life. You have done something illegal and so now he has a right to punish you, to hold you captive as his prisoner. That is the law of sin and death. We know that the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy.
The people of God, the citizens of heaven, have no need of anything that belongs to another, as they are provided with all good things because of their inheritance bestowed on them, as heirs of Christ and having been adopted into His family, as dearly beloved children – all that is His is ours! The law of Love and Life is all about Freedom in Christ and of that law there is no punishment!

The old has past the new has come – we now live under the new covenant of Grace. When we sin or someone sins against us, we are commanded to forgive. As citizens of His Kingdom, obeying that commandment is not a heavy burdensome thing, indeed, as soldiers in God’s army, our obedience to that commandment has great reward attached…Power and Freedom to refrain from imposing judgement or punishment – release from liability or penalty – forgive as you have been forgiven!

The wages of sin are death! In being and holding an offense what we are really saying is “I want and have the power to impose death on another person for what they have done to me.” Do you want to impose the death sentence on another person? Perhaps you are so deeply hurt by another, that you really do want to do that…and many a person has acted on that with a weapon…others have carried that desire around within them, not acting on it, however in the process, have effectually spoken death to themselves.

There is a Way out of this mess and with it there is great Power…to be saved, healed, delivered and set free – for yourself and to others. The Power of salvation, of knowing the One that chose not be angry with the world – but who willingly chose to go to the Cross of Calvary for the salvation of the world. Jesus death had Angry in it…but not towards us.

The Passion of Christ was angry towards the law of sin and death which imposed penalties on His beautiful Creation – His people. His choice to Love us through dyeing on the Cross brought us out of the prison of offense and the penalty attached to that. We have all fallen short of the Glory of God, we have all sinned and gone astray. We all deserve the punishment and penalty that sin requires which is death. The law is such that to have justice a price must be paid…a sentence handed down and the penalty enforced.

God was not happy about the decision that Adam and Eve made in the garden. He wasn’t happy to send them out as a consequence of their sin…His Righteous Anger was towards the tempter, the devil, that con-artist and He had a plan to restore them, to grant them full access once again, to walk in the cool of the evening with His people, to have unbroken communion.

God’s wrath is real! His Anger against sin and death was poured out at the Cross of Calvary, as Jesus broken body and spilled blood poured out. The price is paid, for all offenses – yours, mine, everyone’s – He paid it. There is the Power in angry!

Apply liberally to your grievances and offenses the Blood of Jesus Christ and see your pain dissolve, your mind set free, your heart melt and be filled afresh with the knowledge that every sin, wrongdoing and offense you have caused and will ever do has been forgiven. In like manner…forgive as you have been forgiven!

Today, He doesn’t keep us out of the ‘’garden’’ of His loving kindness – we do. By building a restrictive fence around ourselves – holding on to offenses and grievances, we place ourselves under the old law once again..release yourself from the need for vengeance and retribution for the wrong that the sins of others have caused, for who knows which is the greater sin – the one against you or the grievance and offence you hold against another?

Be Free…Be angry and sin not. Apply the Blood of Jesus, for there is Power in the Blood!

3 responses to “The Power of Angry – Part 2

  1. Shelly, that was like so awesome!!! I saw something from your letter that I never saw before. I know I cannot hold offence in my heart. I always say it’s not about me and the person who I am offended by, but it’s about me and the Father’s relationship and no person is worth hindering my relationship with God. What I saw thought was a different angle. I have it in my mind but to write it out not sure if it will come out right. lol Ok, Jesus died and paid for everyone’s sin and it’s paid in full. So, therefore, the person who hurt me, his sin has been paid for too! Whether they realize it or not, it still is paid for. So, then if I chose to not forgive that person it’s really like I am saying God’s forgivness was not enough. It’s like so what God you paid for it. I want this person to suffer anyway and not receive forgiveness. Not sure if this is coming out the way I am perceiving it. Well, thanks for your awesome message!!!Is it ok if I post this on fb and send to my friends? Thanks my friend!!Pam Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2013 19:09:18 +0000 To:

    • Absolutely, totally, exactly spot on! There is so much more to this, than meets the eye. It’s worth mulling over, runinating on, digesting, assimilating. More and more we are learning obedience – as Jesus did and walking in His steps and in step with Him. Keep on sharing anything further you gleen…I’m listening! URLOVD immnesely intimately!

    • Pam, reading youd feedback and so blessed..Hope you do share what was good for you…and your further comments…will bless others also. URLOVD!

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