I can tell what you believe by what you Think, Say, Do!

The Power of the Gospel is a transformed life – body, mind, spirit…saved, healed, delivered, set free! It is for freedom we have been set free. I pray that is our reality – constant, consistent walk. Jesus is our hope! God’s plan has and always will be for restoration of relationship, 1st with Him and then each other.

An unkind unmoved heart is one that believes a lie and says of change – I do not know how or I will take up the next opportunity and is missing this very moment of Truth…even now being filled to overflowing with every blessing received and in the same moment given away. Truth does not withhold for one second any good thing – nor might we. Truth always shows the way first, by example…exemplified in Christ’s life. Struggling believer, if you are still unsure – if you still do not know the Way of Love and if still having thoughts, doubts and presumptions – STOP now, in this very breath and take heed to the Word and the Spirit who constantly whispers – evens at times shouts; “this is the Way, walk ye in it!”
He never leaves us without a Way through…He makes a way where there seems to be no way. Do not think any otherwise, this would be folly of the highest order. Believer…I implore you to believe – think, declare and do what the Word says.
Just as in this day and one’s gone by, you have thought, said and done things contrary to the Word – then with the same stubborness engaged for that thinking, fixate your thoughts on things above (not below) and on all things good, kind, holy and righteous – think, say and do those things and your life is instantly transformed…and being transformed daily more and more. Apply this salve liberally, as often as needed and then some and the healing Word, the Presence of the Spirit and Light shine ever brighter, your countenance in and out changed and being changed forever..from Glory to Glory.

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