URLOVD in every situation and so we also love…

Walking with Christ, seeing with His eyes means we will see, hear and feel things that are unpleasant…as He did.
Turning away from the pain and trauma in this world because we do not like that fact and the feelings that goes with it, may be a way of coping…however it is not the Way. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life and we are integral to imparting all that He is and was and is to come right into that place of hurt, distress, trauma, degradation, disease, destruction and death.
We are Life breathers, bringers and believers.
Christ’s death brought life to all who believe and He did not turn away from that death, He strode toward it with the utmost determination, fully human and fully hurting in it…and yet, for the joy set before Him.
We also, have many options and choices before us – to stride with the utmost determination and not shy away from the task at hand and ahead, also, for the joy set before us.
What is this joy set before us?
The knowing and complete belief and understanding that He will never leave us or forsake us and our citizenship is in Heaven…our Eternity is so secure, that no matter our past, present or future – nothing can separate us from the Love of God in Christ Jesus. In this then, we can Be, Go and Do the things that He has placed on my hearts, fully knowing this will expose us to all kinds of unknowns, yet so secure in the complete Known, as I am fully known…I know that my Redeemer lives, I know that He is Greater in me, than the unknown in this earth.

We may not have answers or words to say to those in all kinds of strife – however, we do have tears to weep with those who are weeping and laughter, with those who are laughing…we can engage in and with the joyful and the sorrowful – this is our and His humanity and indeed the Divine resides within all of these. He desires and has destined to move through all our everyday natural life – supernaturally.

Our situation recently, was quite traumatic, filled with turmoil and trouble, though not such as Christ – unto to death..nevetheless, He was concerned and integrally involved. When you find yourself, at those times of trouble, He may be the only One that understands… This then, is how I know also, that He means us to know how to come alongside another, not with words or solutions or suggestions…but just as He does, gently and with such assurance that He is still fully onboard with you, fully on your side, completely sold out to His good and perfect will in your life. You are not suffering because He wants you to, however He is in it with you. God is always good, always kind and always loving towards you. Granting yourself and even another person this knowledge is imparting Life. All of us have hurt deeply and His healing Presence is deeper still…therefore, with that process, we learn to do likewise, with whoever also is hurting, not with platitudes, christianeze, slogans and even solutions. Be the answer that Christ has and is to you. In that moment, you do not need anything other than what you have already received…and the next step also, will be filled with all that you need… just keep receiving!

URLOVD completely and entirely, through and in every situation and so that is how we Love others!

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