Intimidation vs Intimacy

The difference between intimidation and intimacy is really not so far apart…

Intimidation is to do with fear…
Intimacy has nothing whatsoever to do with fear….intimacy is all about LOVE.
Perfect Love cast out fear…Intimacy casts out intimidation!

When we choose to stand naked and unashamed, before our God and King, He accepts and covers us with His Righteousness…enabling us to stand anywhere fully clothed in robes of Righteousness and in our right mind – the mind of Christ!

Those that are intimidated by the kind of Power that comes through intimacy with God…are poor indeed!
However, this poverty of spirit is meant that we would come running…and can be changed in an instant…when in humility, the heart of man comes to God….without fear but with the knowledge that He is the source of Love.

Constant connection and intimacy with God is for those that are not fearful of Him, but those that fear being away from Him.
A Holy Fear that draws us ever closer and closer still…His Heart revealed to us. His Love poured out unending…unceasing..deeper and deeper, more and more, without end.
Know He is alway for you – God is Love and URLOVD immensely intimately!
~ Shelley Weeks

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