Forget not all His benefits!

It may be that your journey has taken you just a little further along a certain road than another – this is in order that you are able to assist another along that same piece of road….perhaps a similar trial, test or temptation. We do in fact journey together and our roads diverge and converge again, so that we can help each other. Let us not forget to share with others – in order that they may be encouraged, lifted up and blessed to know that others have gone before and it is all OK ahead…His Love is with them , as indeed – His Love was and is with you. We may find ourselves impatient that our fellow sojourners bemoan their current circumstance – when in fact, we also did and highly likely will do likewise again. We pray that our hearts being encouraged in our God, will continue to see the Lord high and lifted up and our lips will ever praise Him as we share His Love with each other.
Share the consolations that you, yourself have received – this will urge others on in God!
Forget not all His benefits!

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