A couple of days ago, I saw a vision – it is still before me, of a terrible, horrific battlefield…filled with wounded, broken, barely breathing soldiers…groaning, hurting, in desperate need of deliverance…of assistance, of healing – so that, they can rise up once again. They looked like they were without hope, without a chance…it looked impossible…complete destruction….

Then I saw a heart – like the heart of an Ox, deep dark maroon colour – lifeless, it had very deep slices in it, but no blood flowing throughout…Jesus said, give me that heart and I will give you a new heart. He showed me a heart that was red and had blood flowing through it…the blood was flowing out of the slices and the bullet holes that had penetrated the heart…the blood flow was healing the wounds and as it flowed, the wounds closed up – there were scars there, but the blood flow closed up the wound…the scars were to show others, that their hearts coould be healed also..”See here, where God has healed me, this was once a gaping wound, but now it is healed.”

I heard some members of the army, the wounded, denying that they were wounded and were still trying to wield a sword and shield – but they had either one arm or none and no legs either… they were clutching their sliced hearts and were unable to hold their swords or shield..so even if one arm was able, the other was busy clutching the wounded heart and eyes were not fully attentive to the task…and so they were easy targets for the enemy attacks.

The Word to them was clear and as it was spoken they recieved the Word and the Healing and rose up with every faculty and ficility available to them in Christ Jesus…they were healed and arose and went forth and conquered…they also spoke to others and a Great and Mighty Army went forth in such a way that has never been seen before…and the world could not deny, that God Himself was in their midst and the Kingdom of Heaven too, was recognised in them! So be it Lord!

~ Shelley Weeks

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