Change….is always the same!

CHANGE is something all of us experience…some of us just deal with it, others endure it, still others embrace it!
In some cases change looks extremely messy – at least for me, it appears so…

Change doesn’t consider “the look” or how it appears…Change has no regard for status, position, social or political standing. Change doesn’t mind if you are a believer, non-believer, seeker, soaker or sipper!

Change just is! You can try and halt it, slow it down, speed it up, apprehend it, climb over it,
wriggle under it, walk around it – but ultimately Change has it’s Way.
The speed of Change is neither here nor there…
One thing that is absolutely certain – Change comes to us all, in many forms, with stealth sometimes, with absolute abruptness at other times. Change can be offensive (if we let it) – or a sweet embrace that carries us from this to that…and then the next thing…

CHANGE is something I could talk a lot about, mainly because I have experienced a lot of it.
Sometimes I have just dealt with it, other times endured it and more and more I choose to embrace it!
On this day, I can honestly say I enjoy Change. I know that is not the case for everyone…
I’ve learned that either way, whether we enjoy Change or not, Change is OK with that too.
I say the following, with a cheeky grin – some of us really do need that much changing and some of us do not.
I am of the former group!

The amount of times I have moved house as a child and also, once I left the family home – at the ripe old age of 16 years of age, many more times – astounds even me! The number of different jobs and cars I have owned (not to mention motor bikes, trailers and caravans) is also amazing. I do understand, that some people are of the opinion that that much change is not good for a person! Perhaps…and yet, I am here, in this place, because of everything that has gone before, including those moves/Changes and I am glad for where I am right now.
I am blessed, happy, content and expectant of Change today, tomorrow and every day of my life!
I am not afraid of Change…Change is constant in my life because I need Change.

The funniest thing about Change is that He is always the same…never changing, showing the Way, leading me, stretching me, growing and challenging me. Change has one purpose, taking me from Glory to Glory, to reflect His Goodness, Grace and Love. Love that no matter how much taste and see, always has the appearance of something different and new – but He has always been the same…it’s just that I am being changed more and more into His likeness that I see with a different and changed perspective…a growing knowing…an updated version…a new awareness that no matter how much Change I have known….there is still more and that this life lived with Change is so wonderfully beautiful, glorious and delightful….More of that! Change – I embrace You, You are welcome here!

~ Shelley Weeks

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