Pause…not applause brings the best result!

If you have every played tennis at any level, you will understand that there is time to set up your shot.

If you panic and rush all kinds of things happen. 

Reminding ourselves that we have time…to respond…helps us to slow down our actions and make wise choices.

If you panic and run into a ball without paying attention to it’s speed and trajectory…you will over run it or your footing will be all out of whack, or you could swing and completely miss it…over reaching or cramping the style of the shot.

Some people may be desperate to just get to it and whack that sucker..anywhere…no great thought to the balls destination…others may be waiting for it to come to them and barely prepare to move…and at the last second try and lunge for the ball – either way it’s a disaster! The only other thing that will help with the shot is practice. Being on the tennis court receiving and hitting balls…getting the feel for it all…your own movement across the court, your opponents movements and the movement of the ball. You realise that there is skill in playing…and skill can be learnt through being coached, stretching your current abilities, expanding areas of your game that are not so strong…practice, practice, practice.


We often think that in life, there is not enough time and that we have to respond quickly to the things that come flying at us. Our culture and lifestyle is set up for quick response and faster and faster pace of living.   Seven Eleven convenience stores…always something open ready for us to pickup and consume and then move on….

A place of Rest is the best! There are still things going on, when we are in that place…but those things are not for us to know, necessarily…our job is to focus on resting. There is much to be found there…practice Rest today, you will Love it!


Going for the next ball may well  bring applause…however, it’s in the practice we find that a pause helps our game develop well!   URLOVD!


~ Shelley Weeks

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