Some topics should NOT be avoided…

I have written in the past about taboo’s we have in our culture – certain topics or subjects we shouldn’t talk about…well, not too freely anyway and only in hushed tones or in certain circles of friends – and perhaps once you have spoken of these taboo’s subject, they won’t be your friend anymore. Who knows – only until after the “faux pas” has occurred – right?

Well, in this discussion, any one of you can just de-select me if you don’t like what I am writing about – however I hope that you don’t, namely because I am not talking here about just ‘’the weather, politics or religion”, I am talking about a very important and vital issue that will already have affected you in some way – whether directly and personally or indirectly via a 2nd or 3rd person, perhaps a family member, a school friend, work colleague and so on. What we are talking about today is impacting every part of the world we live in right now.

I will start at the end rather than the beginning…namely because, the end shows us a result, which when we can see and perceive it, we will understand why we must stop the beginning of this cycle.
So the end of this topic is about slavery…people held captive and the worst type of human atrocities inflicted on another human, that anyone would dare to imagine, that alone carry out. Human sex trafficking is what I am talking about.

We understand in our society that demand for a product will rule the supply…increased demand raises the stakes and the suppliers must find more…for the consumers to consume and thus goes an insatiable appetite for more.
The ‘’product’’ that is being consumed is actually NOT MADE FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION.
People are being consumed – chewed up and spat out as refuse…because they are simply NOT fulfilling the consumers wants, they are being used up and thrown out.

The need every human being has is for their basic human rights to not be violated…and yet the demand for the ‘’product’’ does exactly that – violates a person’s human rights.
We seem to place more importance on saving endangered animal species, the environment or even demonstrating against the demolition of heritage listed buildings with greater passion and zeal, than actually grasping the magnitude of this situation and fighting for our fellow human beings basic rights.
Does that seem very out of whack to you? Is there a problem here?

I mean, if we can more easily discuss the grove of trees down ‘’dreary lane’’ about to be demolished to make way for a block of flats and get into heated debate about that…but not consider discussing the activities on our home computers for the sake of a ‘’little light entertainment”. Are we insane?

What is done in secret may not appear to be doing damage like the public bull dozers about to knock over a dozen trees at the end of your street – however, let’s be absolutely clear on this – far greater damage is being done right before our eyes….and we must STOP it. We must put a halt to the TRAFFIC on the internet and on any other devices or methods that transmit it, of soft and hard porn. We may think ourselves clever in stopping the bull dozer traffic, but this trafficking of human sex slaves – we all need to be talking about and putting a STOP to.

The beginning of all this…a demand for a product.
An expectation that we should have what we want when we want it.
A 24/7 mentality, snatch and grab, gobble and go, instant gratification, even “have now, pay later”.
All of our ‘’have now and pay later’’ economy has got us is a massive bill…an account that we simply cannot settle in both fiscal terms and broken lives and relationships.
It’s time to STOP and take a really good look at the balance sheet – from many different angles and most of all, from a personal perspective. How much do I tolerate in my immediate environment, conversations and interactions that promote and even demand instant gratification of my wants – whether that be financial, emotional, mental, sexual?

Pornography trains consumers, to treat sex as a commodity, to think about sex as something on-tap and made-to-order. As Dr. Mary Anne Layden writes, “It is toxic miseducation about sex and relationships.”

I invite you into this conversation…
I invite you to have a read of the ebook above, take a look at the following website:,
Educate yourself and others.
Talk about what you have learnt and are learning on this topic.
Forward this article to everyone you know and start a discussion…
Let’s together STOP the TRAFFIC
No person should be enslaved to another – having their basic human rights denied.
Explicit images of another person are not OK and have been proven to be the start of an ever increasing appetite which cannot be satisfied with more exposure. The demand then becomes more abhorrent – this has led to enslaving another human being for the purposes that have resulted in human trafficking and sex slavery.
NO human being is a commodity for consumption and then thrown out like the trash.

Keep talking…and then go and do something…see the A21 website for opportunities.

URLOVD and so are all those entrapped and enslaved…their lives are endangered!

~ Shelley Weeks

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