Succession Leadership…EVEN GREATER!!

We may think or talk about how it is a good thing to do ourselves out of a job…but do we really believe it and do it?

It is quite easy to observe when an organisation is operating out of the principles of succession leadership. There is a real vibe about the place; there is a distinct presence of healthy morale, good humour and a relaxed nature – an air of something great!

Perhaps a couple of words could describe this: security and trust. Each person is secure in what they have to offer, they bring it and it is appreciated and shared with meaning and purpose.

In most industries today there are clearly defined KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) for each individual in which to gauge if they are achieving what is expected of them. For me, some of the greatest KPI’s include:

  •  A willingness to communicate openly;
  • Offer assistance when you see a need (no matter what that is) – to serve one another;  
  • Take correction with the best attitude (without taking offense);
  • Ask questions without fear of reproach, grow in trusting relationship with co-workers (believe the best in yourself & others also)
  • Complete set tasks, keep on-track with projects and attend appointments on time.
  • Be respectful, cheerful and inclusive.

Principles within the above list  go with the succession leadership and ”even greater” theme that I have entitled this blog.

What do I mean about Succession Leadership and what might the ramifications’ be for the Church?

We (the Church) may bemoan the state of affairs when it comes to too little resources (people) and too great a task…however firstly:

We know that 12 disciples turned the world upside down and secondly we know also, upcoming leaders need to be led into leading.

You may have identified prospective leaders or you may not be looking at all…there could be a couple of reasons for this. I offer the following:

We may assume that God will take care of that (raising up the next generations of leaders)

We are just too busy with the current workload, to identify, train, equip and raise-up new leaders.

We don’t have any aspiring, qualified or called people in our congregation.

We have some possible or prospective leaders, but they are not ready yet…their time has not come.

I offer another one (but not spoken about out loud):

What if the upcoming or new leader/s take over ‘’my’’ role/position? 

 Jesus is our perfect example in all things and especially this: He was a Succession leader. This was and is His plan!

There is a distinct need for purposeful action in engaging with Succession Leadership principles that will ensure a healthy vibrant and growing church – with Jesus as the Head.

Jesus lived, ate, travelled and ministered with the 12 disciples and also, clearly there were others that walked and lived with Him, as His disciples and after Jesus death, burial and resurrection, they waited for the promised Holy Spirit to come upon them in Power and so then, they were sent out.

Jesus said in John 14:12

“I tell you the truth, anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works, because I am going to be with the Father.”

I know that is mind blowing…but that is what Jesus said and that is what He meant…

Some leaders might struggle with training up new leaders, simply because new or upcoming leaders may do better, be better and achieve even greater than they themselves have!  I assure you, that is exactly the plan that God has in mind…His Kingdom is exactly this – Even Greater yet!

So YES – absolutely – they should do even greater than you or your current team…that is definitely Jesus plan.  If there is any kind of fear of this happening….any kind of holding on to ‘your’ ministry and including  gifts, signs, wonders, blessing that flow…the first thing we must do is REPENT and acknowledge GOD in all our ways, for we can do NOTHING –  No Thing apart from Him. ALL is to His Glory and none is to our credit! Hallelujah…that sorts out any problem at all with SUCCESSION LEADERSHIP and in fact is the very reason for it, that God is “EVEN GREATER” glorified!

Jesus is our ultimate example of leadership. To raise up leaders we must believe and impart to them this, that as with the pronouncement over us, we also pronounce that, those coming up and alongside, will and are going on ahead of us to do even greater than we have done. This is the greatest thing about succession leadership!

Jesus rule and reign is in us to pass on to others. If we are NOT raising up leaders however just maintaining our own rule and reign, there is no succession and no future for the ‘’even greater’’…the Spirit of God within calls us to operate from His ‘even greater’ in order to call others to their ‘even  greater’, which is and will be greater than ours.

Let us not look at what we have done…but be excited by God’s even greater for the whole team, as it grows in width, depth, length and height…that Jesus words of “even greater” will be fulfilled in even greater ways through a even greater team of people.  This is so that, the world will know that we are His disciples by the Love we have for one another and also that as the Gospel of Jesus is pronounced,  people will ask “what must we do to be saved?” and then –  they believe, are baptised and receive the Holy Spirit, with signs, wonder and miracles present for all who see to also believe in Jesus. (see Acts 2:37-47)

So let us go and do likewise…that even greater Glory be His, even greater things shall ye do – our testimony of Jesus unto salvation!

PS: The church is not ours…it is not about us running His church. We are His Body, we are to unite together, to live and move and have our being as one – in Him. There is no fear in Love for Perfect Love casts out all fear. If there is fear within the leadership of churches, that others may come in to usurp one’s authority or take over one’s position…there is no secure foundation in Christ the Solid Rock.  In order to grow the Body, there must be healthy developing Body parts…we must embrace each other and really lead, really build up, really nourish….all for God’s Glory and for the building up of the saints in their most Holy Faith…that they may be “Send Out”…

In the next blog:

The “Sent Out” and Matthew 9:37 Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.


~ Shelley Weeks

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