God’s Healing Power

Last night, I lay down with my 5 year old daughter at bedtime…as I do, before she goes off to sleep. We like to do this with all of our kids; some one-on-one time, a snuggle, a chat, a prayer – just hanging together for a few minutes to unwind the day. So, last night I feel asleep right there…until 2am, when I awoke with an extremely painful right shoulder. It’s a single bed and just doesn’t allow for a good stretch out. I slid out of her warm bed and back into the cold side of ”our” bed. At that point, the shoulder was still in agony and I lay down gingerly praying something like: “O Lord please heal my shoulder, take away the pain…” then I stopped and thought.. “I don’t really deserve for God to heal my shoulder, coz I’ve not given Him much attention of late…not made time too much, for reading His Word or ”praying” ..then I stopped again! and this thought occurred to me. “That’s got nothing to do with it!”    huh?  I sensed God was saying that His healing power is not halted by my perceived lack of time in His Word or conversation with Him. His healing power is His to give as He will’s and He will’s to!  He Loves me/us so much…the condition of His healing touch on us is not in any way determined by our level of ”rightness”, or ”deservedness”.  Simply: Believe, ask and receive. Off to sleep I went, pain free! 

Today, as I consider this again, I am touched by God’s gracious Love and desire for us, His great willingness to Presence Himself with us – to save, heal, deliver, set free all the time – without limit.  I have such a vision / desire to pray for and over people that they would also know His healing Power, His amazing Love and Presence to them – for whatever their needs are – because I know He wants to BE with them, in this way and so many ways…in all His fullness, in our every moment HE IS. That we would know Him…ALWAYS. Knowing this…knowing Him…He is Good in all His ways towards us, is knowing that we are Truly Loved. Knowing URLOVD makes all the difference in daily living – this is what we have to give to others…GOD IS LOVE!

~ Shelley Weeks

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