Helping can be offensive…to you!

Following on from my last blog, about hurting people when ”we want” to help.
I have also discovered that my wanting to help others, has resulted in me hurting myself! Sounds funny I know…but that is so!

The thing is, we can be so wanting, willing, desiring to help others – that when they don’t receive that help – we become offended.

Yep, it’s true. We are offensive to ourselves when we try too hard to help others and it is not received, as we would like to be….

The fact that “they” don’t receive our help offends us. How could that person not receive the ‘good’ I have to give them?

How hard I have tried to help…to be a helper…to come alongside…to assist…and the help has been rejected – I have been rejected.

It hurts! Even if the help was given in the right heart and attitude…well-meaning, good-hearted, empathetic and even in the right timing.

Whether the individual takes on board that help – is entirely not up to you – out of your hands, none of your business.

You have given…and the person can choose to receive or not.

I am certain there have been times people have offered me assistance and I have not received….however, later in the day or week, I have realised that

that help was meant for me and I have receive it – whether in my heart or gone back to the person and spoken to them, accepting their help.

Giving and receiving help of any kind can be such a struggle sometimes!

Perhaps you are more prone to wanting to help…than to receive help..either way, giving and receiving are important processes of living life to the fullest.
Do you realise that God gives and receives from us?

God gave His only Son, Jesus for us, that we would have eternal life.
God receives us unto to Himself, when we follow Him.
He gives good gifts to His children.
He receives our prayers, petitions and supplications.
He gives life and life abundantly.
He receives the praises of His people.
God is a giving and receiving God.

His doesn’t get offended when we refuse His help..doesn’t storm off in a huff when we reject His help.
He never gives up…never walks out on me. He stays and remains faithful…sometimes He is silent – listening, sometimes speaking so when can listen.

If someone doesn’t receive as you would like them to…don’t be offended, be glad you have been able to offer help and leave the results to God…He is able to do immeasurably more than we could ever – hope, dream or imagine – keep helping as He directs!

URLOVD immensely intimately!

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