Real Help = Come Alongside.

Do you know how to come alongside? That means sit down, shush up and listen. There may not be words said from the one you are alongside. There may not be words to express their pain. BE WITH – this is true comfort.. I have found there are not many people willing to do so or are comfortable enough with themselves to do this. The tendency is to say something – usually a platitude of some sort in the vain of “wanting to help’. Stop trying and wanting to help…just BE WITH and let the God of all comfort pass between you…His Presence speaks louder than your words – in that moment of deepest need. Will you just Be With? And see what God is, will, wants to do? There are hurting people waiting for someone to just be with them…the Answer will be with you also…His very Presence…Peace…Power! Be with Him and with another in this way and you will see His Glory in your midst.
~ Shelley Weeks

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