“Who is God to you?”

I recently had a discussion with a lady who was commenting how she finds herself a peacemaker in the workplace and went on to say how she desires to share her faith more openly in her workplace. It struck me, at that moment, that perhaps she didn’t realise how ‘open’ she was already being…but found myself asking her this question:

“Who is God to you?”

She looked at me quizzically and I went on to say, that I believe we want to express the totality of God to people and quite obviously we fall short…because we cannot explain or express God totally to anyone…since He is indeed SO BIG! However, we can express God to others, in the manner in which He has revealed Himself to us, personally.

So, I went on to ask question again and said:

Who is God to you? means that, what I have heard you say so far, is that God is your Peace and therefore you find yourself expressing His Peace in your workplace. All of us need to keep doing that…and speaking out who God is to us. This becomes our natural expression, not forced, not manufactured, not hard or difficult, not toooo big a deal.

That conversation really helped me too…because as a God-Lover and desiring to express Him more wherever I am, it becomes a huge task to tell others who He is since, we know He is soooooo BIG. Here’s the thing, God is not soooo BIG, that He doesn’t make Himself real to you and me and to the next person who needs to, wants to, desires to know Him.

So, be free to express who God is to you – in your own personal way – and I assure you, this will be enough to show who He is to them…God will be to them, exactly who He needs to be – just as He is exactly who you need Him to be to you!

URLOVD all the time!

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