BE with…

When you invite a guest to come to your house you go out the back to chop wood?
I had a dream that a home owner was expecting a guest to their home. They prepared their home, freshened up the guest room, put some special touches around and turned up the fire for cosiness and warmth for the guest to relax and enjoy. When the guest was due to arrive and nearly there…the home owner left the door ajar for the the guest to come in and enjoy the peace of the house to themselves. te he owner then quietly slipped out the back door…to go and prepare some more kindling to keep the fire going. While the owner was preparing the kindling…enjoying the task and the thought of how it would provide ongoing warmth for the guest who was even now in the house. The home owner was so pleased to be able to be of service in this way…making the home available and this was a source of great joy. In the midst of this joy of serving…the home owner felt someone standing nearby and looking up saw their guest standing there watching. There was deep sadness and sorrow in the guests stance and a hunger in His eyes. The home owner heard these words: I want to BE WITH you. This was the end of the dream.
Church…are you too busy preparing the house for God that when He comes you have slipped out the back to “prepare” something else for Him?
He wants to “be with” us.
He wants us to “be with” one another.
There is time for serving…going and doing…
Have we forgotten to just BE with Him?
Have we forgotten that although we have invited Him to our home…to reside in our hearts, in our homes, our churches, our workplaces…in fact we may have and continue to invite Him into every area of our lives…and He enjoys that invitation and the coming. God appreciates you inviting Him to come. He appreciates your preparations for His coming and all the special touches you have of thought to make His stay more enjoyable. He loves the joy you have experienced in the anticipation of His coming to…and He also anticipates a wonderful time. A time not just for and by Himself…His heart is to come and relax and enjoy all these things WITH YOU.
Make time in all those places you have prepared for Him to come…to BE WTIH Him. Enjoy Him in your midst.
URLOVD everywhere in every moment, because He is Immanuel – God with us!
~ Shelley Weeks

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