Who do You want to be, to me Lord?

“Who is God to me?” is a great place of personal testimony – which is the Power and Presence of God in our lives. There is another question I also find myself asking more and more often….”Who do You want to be to __________ Lord?”

God’s character, nature…Who He is – is so magnificent, marvelous, majestic – that we cannot possibly know Him completely in this earthly capacity. However, I believe – He does want to and even now is revealing Himself to us and through us in ways we may have never experienced or been able to express before…and as we become aware of another facet of who He is – we are so blessed by His Goodness. We are able to share freely who He is to us – His character that He has revealed to us personally…

So the question we could ask for the sake of another:
“Who do You want to be to _________?”. He may answer in a way that means you can be His hands and feet OR His voice OR BE WITH and comfort without anything else.

The greatest comfort and most precious of my friends are those that are comfortable to BE WITH me, without having to do or say anything…they acknowledge that God is with us…He is revealing Himself in the moment and filling my/our need with Him-Self! No christianese, no cliche’s, no noise or movement…just to BE STILL and KNOW together – that He is God and He is with us! That is an amazing friend to have. This type of friend includes plenty of room for our most Amazing Friend to sit and BE WITH us in our midst.

Be with God this week, as you are being with others…and you will surely know that HE is WITH YOU!
URLOVD immensely intimately! ~ Shelley Weeks

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