The Practical side of Pain.

So, here goes, with a very raw exposé of a topic that has been in my face of late…from a variety of angles!

Pain is one of those things that I would just rather avoid. Many of us try to minimise it – for ourselves and even try to minimize it for others. I have tried to do this, because pain just doesn’t seem to be ‘’right’’ especially in some environments. The ‘atmosphere’ is just not conducive to exposing too much of the realities we find ourselves in, because just maybe it would also expose some of our ‘theological ideologies’ that simply don’t fit into the real world experience. (..also, I have discovered, my pain is not very palatable…I don’t have very advanced skills at ‘softening’ the blood and guts stuff and it just ain’t pretty!)

Our worldview could possibly be too heavenly minded…well, you know.. I say this, as one that has been a culprit also…determined to ‘’help’’ or give someone an answer or help them to avoid the ‘’inevitable’’ – only to inflict my theological ideologies and thereby, sadly – increase not decrease the pain of another.  I’m sorry for that…and I’m in training.

Pain is a nasty hiccup we would rather not encounter…as well others pain – it can be quite unpalatable. We may try and rationalise it, chuck a cliché at it or religious jargon, react to and become self-righteous to the one in it.

I am realising that my pain and that of others – is a perfect opportunity to offer something of great value – servant hood.  

A question I have found myself asking more often: “Is there something I can do?” or    “How can I help?” or “What do you need?” 

It reminds of the story of the Good Samaritan.  The one that was beaten and left on the road – was, for the most part at the whim of the passerby’s worldview. Avoided because it interrupted the journey, too much effort, not my problem or even a “she’ll be right” attitude…our worldview will determine whether we stop and why.  Then the question of offering assistance – How much can we really be bothered and what questions do we ask? Are we more concerned with our ability to help? And how much assistance to give…what is the limit? When should I stop? or They’ve already been helped! A person’s gotta get ahead and do for themselves…and so on. Is there a level, limit or type of assistance?

Or do we simply offer ourselves and see what is required/needed…if we are unable to meet the need – do we garner support? Seek other assistance? Admit our inability to give help – but make sure that others are included in the process so that the proper help is given/received.

Ok – so I have raised more questions than I have answered…but that is a good place to be – if we think we have the answers, we will be too busy talking and offering, instead of asking questions and not listening/hearing. 

What we CAN do to help is as simple as asking: “How can I help?”  Even if a person doesn’t know the answer to that question at that moment – they will know that you care enough to ask and they will know who to call – when they do figure out what they need.     I hope that help’s you – when you don’t know how to help!

John 13:34,35 

“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

 Be, Go, Do because you know URLOVD…that others would know likewise! 



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