Humpty-Dumpty had a great fall….

I am reminded again today of a time in my life when I caught a personal glimpse of the story of Humpty Dumpty.  


“Humpy Dumpty sat on the wall,

Humpty Dumpty had a great fall,

All the kings horses and all the kings men,

Couldn’t put Humpty together again!”

 It occurred to me, on that day, that I had somehow climbed the ‘wall’ only to fall down off it.  The ‘wall’ could be any number of things, activities, attempts to get ahead – for me it was a desire to serve the King of kings. A great desire and a good task to embark on, the thing is, it can be thwart with a multitude of dangers…which I won’t go into at this time…

The cracks had been evident and the crash was, it seemed – inevitable…somehow the odds were stacked against poor Humpty Dumpty.

I felt exactly like Humpty…I was in pieces on the ground. The kings horses and kings men can along to take a look at the ‘damage’ and couldn’t put Humpty together again….it seemed, that they were convinced there was absolutely no hope in even trying and so, off they went. Perhaps to discover another humpty dumpty in pieces…with the same outcome…’unable to assist.’

Anyway…I wasn’t left there in pieces. I had at that moment a realisation that even though the King had sent His men and horses and they couldn’t put Humpty together again…HE could!

The King, without any great fuss, fanfare or publicity started applying His gentle touch mixed with some amazing Super-natural glue.  All the broken pieces that were exposed to the public and to all of his men and horses, were now being pieced together in private…in a place of Divine healing and wholeness.

It still amazes me, that the King of kings had sent all of His men and horses, but they couldn’t do it.  I have pondered this…and in writing, still wondering about it… however, something does occur to me – that every attempt of His people to DO the healing is ever going to DO the healing. They couldn’t DO it!  However, his men and horses can carry His Presence and Authority, and the King does intend to manifest His Word and DO the healing.  So, I see now, that we are indeed the Kings horses and men and we are able only to be with the broken and ask Him to ‘put them together again’. We are His conduits only…we are carriers of His Authority and Presence and He is the King that Saves, Heals, Delivers and Sets Free.  How cool is it, that we get to see His mighty Power at work and Glorify His Name more and more…He is willing ALWAYS to Presence Himself with the hurting, cracked, broken to bind up, put together, heal, restore…Are we willing as His hands and feet to take the time…to watch and see how amazing His Healing Presence is – perhaps as we do, we also will be ministered to and receive even more Super-natural glue that holds all things together for His Glory!  We all have cracks…He is the glue that holds all things together!

~ Shelley Weeks

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