Rest is smack dab in the middle of WrestLING!

The Presence of Joy does not eliminate the presence of suffering, pain, and problems. Despite our mindset or worldview on this, Joy does co-habit with problems and pain – in fact, Peace, Love and Joy in the Holy Ghost needs to be present in the midst of pain…for therein is our source of HOPE.

If you are trying to eliminate or fix pain and problems…forget it…the Presence of God can reside in that place also, in fact, He knows how to do so – the best of all.

He is not uncomfortable with it…He doesn’t run from it, nor judge it.

Often we do not know how or even want to reside in a place of problems and pain our own or others…because it  “just doesn’t seem right”  to rest there awhile.

In our wRESTling with problems and pain – in the very midst of it is REST.

Rest awhile…let His mercies and compassion flow into and through that particular situation. 


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